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Your early-morning clothing crises are truly valid.
Unless you actually take the time to plan the next day's clothes the previous night, you're probably very familiar with the panic that sets in when you wake up late and can't manage to put an outfit together. It'
Why haven't we thought of this before?
It's a universal truth: The leftover makeup on a sponge is damn hard to remove. No amount of baby shampoo or brush cleanser is enough to bring it back to its immaculate state. Thankfully, Twitter user 2CHINZz posted a ~*genius*~
'It was about denying the authenticity of who I was.'
Zayn Malik was forced to shave off his beard and avoid dyeing his hair while he was a member of One Direction.The singer, who left the band in March last year, says he was frustrated by the strict style restrictions imposed
Being lazy is no excuse to live in filth.
1. Control the clutter.Clutter has a way of attracting more clutter, which makes your place look messier. Stop it before it happens! Small habits go a long way. Put your clothes in a hamper right when you get home, keep shoes