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She has a 'sentimental drawer'.
A highly requested video, Julia Barretto finally gave fans a tour of her walk-in closet, and it's as beautiful as we expected. Her closet has two entrances: one from her bedroom and one from the hallway. The actress shares
Cozy and homey!
We spend a lot of time looking at enormous celebrity homes, but the reality of our living space is a little different. We're all about space-saving hacks, small bedroom ideas and inexpensive ways to make our space more luxe.
Spruce up the area with these cute accessories!
Now that your bedroom is as #aesthetic as it can be, it's time to work on your bathroom. Yup, you can do some tweaks so you can make bathtime a bit more blissful! From small accessories like cups and toothbrush
This one's for all the DIY fans out there.
Being stuck at home for a long period of time can be taxing for most people, especially now that online classes have started taking up a huge chunk of our time and energy. It might, however, help boost our productivity if we
Psychology is to blame.
Reality check: We have been in quarantine for eight months or nearly 250 (!!!) days. In that time, we have mostly busied ourselves by consuming hours and hours of cleaning and home organization videos to inspire us to live a more ~minimalist~ lifestyle.
Cop a cozy, minimalist feel for your space!
Another thing that inspires us apart from the fashion in K-dramas are the ultra chic home interiors. For some reason, they all seem to have the perfectly cozy, Instagram-worthy room, and we're sure we aren't alone
She turned her bar into a sanitation area!
Looking around your place, you probably never thought you'd be surrounded by plants and dried flowers in #aesthetic vases, with a full-length mirror in the corner of your bedroom and a new rug in your home office. And while
We need those adjustable shelving units ASAP!
There's no denying that ~home organization~ is one of our coping mechanisms during the quarantine. Not only do we keep ourselves preoccupied, but we also get to clean up and declutter our space in the process! If you find the
No need to take it down!
A Christmas tree-artificial or otherwise-is more than just a traditional holiday installation. It adds both warmth and a sense of nostalgia to the home, and generally, it's fun to decorate. Let's face it though: taking it down can
Trendy and helpful? How refreshing.
Wanna make your bathroom look a 'lil prettier in legit 10 seconds? Attach some eucalyptus leaves to your shower head and voilà, instant spa vibes.But it turns out adding the plant to your shower can do a lot beyond making
Live with intention.
Minimalists are people who aim to be more content with less material things. They live with intention. Every purchase or each item they bring into their lives should serve a purpose. LIVE WITH LESSWe often think minimalism is just about decluttering, but
Don't worry, Lucky Star is still there!
So many wonderful things are happening for our girl Mimiyuuuh! Not only has she finally moved into her family's new home, the content creator also landed a project called Eh Di Ikaw Na with Netflix Philippines. During Mimi's
We get it, you have your eye on more gorgeous greenery.
What may have started as a random hobby has now blossomed into a full-blown passion. You *officially* live in a jungle, and guess what? You're thinking about adding more to your growing plant collection. Right now, each one of your
Aww, Mimi, we're so happy for you!
Hi guys, [our] girl Mimiyuuuh is here to bless your week with the much awaited tour of her family's new home! We all know how hard she's been working to save up, and if you watch her vlogs
Yes, you should be cleaning your sponge regularly.
I temporarily moved back in with my parents a few months after quarantine started. Soon after, we found our rhythm at home-and eventually, I became in charge of washing the dishes. I enjoy this chore because it's probably the only
Can't wait to set the table!
Pre-quarantine, I found it weird when people would collect dishware. I asked myself: "What good would bring to someone's life?" Sure, the plates look pretty and the tablescape screams chic and elegant, but I believed back then that beautiful
Complete with 'museum lighting,' as Raiza puts it, lol!
Raiza Contawi is moving into her new home! The content creator teased the move on Instagram a few days ago, but now, we actually get to see the inside of her pad. On her YouTube channel, Raiza posted a video where she
It's multipurpose!
If you want to add a quirky touch to your bedroom, maybe you should consider buying this NSFW pillow we found online. You might get a weird look from mama, but you can explain to her that this plushie is ~multifunctional~.It&#
And each one costs P1,500.
Mirrors are having a moment right now. More than an item you use for quick checks and touch-ups, mirrors actually contribute so much to the vibe of your personal space. First, frameless mirrors started popping up all over Instagram. Then, more ~
You'll want to collect them all!
Building a mug collection to level up your homemade coffee? If you like quirky designs, you can check out these instant noodles-themed mugs, these ceramic face mugs, or these NSFW mugs. If you prefer to stick to classic, timeless designs, online