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The transformation looks amazing!
An interior designer by profession, Caralei Fajardo is used to creating beautifully functional spaces for her clients. This time around, she decides to do it for herself."One of the many things the pandemic has taught [me] is the importance of our
Yes, your mosquito coil can be part of your home's aesthetic.
Summertime in the metro means OOTDs composed of crop tops, sleeveless shirts, short shorts, flowy skirts, and the like. While we're all about that breezy, hot weather-appropriate look, there's just one problem: mosquitoes. Skin-baring clothing can
ICYDK, some can even be used as beach mats!
Every time I watch an American movie or TV series with ~youth~ in the cast, the first thing that always catches my eye is their bedroom, lol. It's kinda weird of me, I know. But napapansin niyo rin ba how
BRB, copping these for our next space makeover.
Since you've been spending most of your time at home-and we really, really hope that you are-by now, one of the hobbies you've probably picked up is redecorating your room. One day you're just
They're so Instagram-worthy, too!
If like us, you're a fan of all things #aesthetic, then chances are your kitchen essentials include dainty plates, wooden bowls, and colorful utensils. You're also probably starting to stock up on cute mugs for your daily dose
They come in the prettiest colors!
Do you ever get that feeling after a long and tiring day, gusto mo na lang umupo or humiga at magpahinga? 'Cause same, lol. We've been going through *a lot* these days and it's just about right
And they're all less than P200!
With all the shit we're going through these days, we all have our own small sources of happiness. For instance, if what brings you joy is being surrounded by cute stuff-from airpod cases to beaded face mask straps to
It might be the final touch to your near-perfect space.
After spending a year at home, you've probably been itching to give your personal space another transformation. Maybe that means rearranging your furniture, swapping your impulse buys for some decors that fit your aesthetic more, or simply adding a couple
We're obsessed with its minimalist design.
A rice dispenser is probably the last thing you'll think of when it comes to a kitchen makeover. But yet, here we are, obsessing over this gorgeous, minimalistic glass rice dispenser from House to Home Project. It's one
Do yourself a favor and add this to your cart ASAP.
Okay, I think we can all agree that for the past few weeks, sobrang init na talaga ng panahon. Do you also get that feeling when you're just sitting down (with the *slightest* amount of physical activity), pero grabe pa
Recreate the vibe of your *happy place* at home.
As a certified morning person, I love it when I get to start my day with a good cup of coffee. It uplifts my mood and definitely helps with my productivity. In fact, pre-pandemic, part of my morning routine would be
You can use it as an accent in your bedroom, kitchen, or dining area.
Here at Cosmo, we love all things #aesthetic including home decor. From indoor plants to frameless mirrors, and even scented candles, we've got you covered for your next space makeover. If you're looking to add a pop of
They're stackable and collapsible!
One of the most satisfying parts of home improvement is delucttering and organizing all the belongings that have been hidden in your closet or strewn about on your desk for ages-and the easiest way to do that is buy shopping storage
'Di lang halata, but your keyboard might be *filled* with dust right now.
Aside from my cellphone, my laptop is probably the next most important ~material~ thing in my life right now. I use it mostly for work, and honestly, I can't imagine going a day without it. I'm sure marami-
It comes in six cute colors!
You know you're officially an adult when you get excited about buying the *life essentials* such as home organizers, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, and the like. Some part of your soul-that little fragment that wants to stay young and
ICYMI, Sam posted a cute tour of her new place!
Have you ever walked into someone's home and thought, yes, this feels like her? Believe it or not, it's a lot harder to achieve that than you think, especially when there are so many aesthetically pleasing home decor
They're perfect for tamad girls!
I'm not an expert at interior design but if there's one thing I learned about space makeovers, it's that lighting is everything! It can help set whatever mood you want for your room. In article published
Even girlfriend Janine Gutierrez couldn't contain her excitement!
In another celebrity ~home fluffing~ episode, interior designer Cyndi Fernandez and her husband Mado Beltran of Moss Design House work their magic on Rayver Cruz's new home! Fun fact: It was actually Rayver's girlfriend, Janine Gutierrez, who suggested
'Ang sarap nung feeling kasi kita mo na yung bundok, kita mo [pa] yung river.'
Ever since we featured this Pinay who fulfilled her dream to build and live in a container house, I got so curious about this ~unique~ kind of living. TBH, it's so cool how a shipping container can be transformed into
It's made from recycled plastic banig and steel!
I don't know about you guys, but outdoor picnics seem to be making a comeback. Every time I scroll through my Instagram feed, I always see at least one post where a few friends will be hanging out at a