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You have to see her removing her contact lens.
Because Yassi Pressman always wears makeup when she's at work (the girl's busy taping Ang Probinsyano and is always shooting multiple endorsements!), she makes sure that she removes every bit of it to let her skin breathe. Below, the bubbly
It's not just a rub-and-wash kind of thing!
Washing and cleansing your face is supposed to be easy, right? You just wet your skin, rub on your cleanser, and that's it! WRONG-that's not how you're supposed to cleanse your face. To get the most out of
I started fantasizing about Nutella, Cheetos, and Potato Corner fries.
I started 2017 with a weight loss dilemma. I noticed that I gained weight despite maintaining the same eating habits and weekly yoga I've been doing since last year. I tried cutting down my carbs and junk food, and doubling my
You'll only need one product, and you probably have it already.
When it comes to makeup removal, we're meticulous to a fault. We won't just wash our faces once-nope, we have to double cleanse (first with an oil cleanser or balm, then with a foaming facial wash) every
Everything you wanted to know about the cleanse craze.
The ever-popular detox system has been a staple of wellness regimens for years. But as it turns out, there's so much more at the heart of detoxing besides weight loss and trendy juice mixes. To find out exactly what we
Was it hard? Yes. Would I try it again? Absolutely.
Let me set the precedent that I have a love-hate relationship with fruits and vegetables. Some days, I am a pillar of health and wellness, and other days, I am an unofficial ambassador of every fast food chain you can think