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P.S. Most of these cleansers are under P500!
Finding the right cleanser for you is the first step to scoring ~clear~ skin. This will keep your pores from clogging, and it will strengthen your skin barrier, too, which leads to fewer breakouts. If you're using certain anti-acne
Yup, there's such a thing as *too much* cleansing.
ICYDK, the cleanser is the backbone of a good skincare routine. It's the first step to getting all the grime and oil from your face, so you definitely need a *good* one. (Looking for recos? Check out our list here.)
It's super gentle on the complexion.
Listen, I get it. Coming up with a skincare routine for sensitive skin can be a huge pain in the ass. It can get frustrating because having this skin type means dealing with not only the usual issues-like acne, oiliness, and
Damaged your skin barrier? Here's how to fix it.
For some, it started in high school with a certain anti-acne facial cleanser. For others, it was more recent, with the rise of so-called "glass skin" and close-up selfies blocking up our feeds. Have you noticed just how preoccupied
It only has four steps!
When it comes to skincare routines, less is truly more. We prefer regimens that take less time to do but still have the same impact and effect as a 10-step one. Other than saving money, editing the steps of your routine
Glowing and even skin tone, right this way!
Aside from acne, one of the top concerns of Pinays is discoloration. Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, can be caused by too much sun exposure or hormonal imbalances. The good news is that you don't have to burn a hole in
Expect only clear skin from this day forward.
Whenever we have chats with our friends or we observe shoppers in the department store, we always find them raving about the internet-famous facial wash, Senka Perfect Whip. People would also randomly DM us when we post a shot of our
Vital info, right this way!
The first step to having healthy skin is to have a cleanser that will work for you. Your serums and moisturizers-no matter how good their formulas are-won't work their full potential if your complexion isn't a
Time to downsize your regimen.
Gone are the days when the 10-step skincare routine was the standard. (We applaud you, though, if that kind of system works for you!) Now, we prefer routines that get the job done without the use of excessive products-BTW, the
It's mess-free!
Even though you swore to stick to your skincare routine religiously this year, there are still some instances when you fall short. The bathroom just feels like it's so far away when you want nothing more than to just crash
Be gentle with your skin.
So you've been doing your best in following your skincare routine using the best spot treatments in the market, but your breakouts still won't go away. You've tried almost everything-from patronizing salicylic acid products to
Your search for the perfect facial wash ends here.
Exploring the world of skincare is scary when you have sensitive skin. You're afraid to try out new things lest you wake up with a huge pimple or a rash the next morning. This is why when you find something
There's one for every skin type!
Compared to serums and moisturizers, buying a facial wash seems pretty simple. As long as it can clean your face, it's all good, right? But, since they're designed to clean your skin, most of them leave your face
Let’s face it: You can never be too careful nowadays.
There are many ways to protect yourself from the coronavirus: Avoid crowded places, frequently wash your hands, wear a mask if you're feeling unwell, and build your body's immunity. Another practice you may do is to cleanse your
Conquer the year with a fresh complexion!
There's a general consensus when the New Year comes around to leave all unhealthy habits and toxic traits in the one that just passed. So, if you're hoping for the first year of the '20s to be
You just have to do it!
We understand that there are times when you're just too tamad to wash your face. When you've had a long day, you just want to plop on your bed and sleep. But, we're here to remind
A complete skincare routine using local products!
Gone are the days when you had to get all your skincare products abroad because the local ones just weren't cutting it. Nowadays, there are a lot of proudly Pinoy brands that can compete with international brands (or even beat
These are very matipid to use!
Soaps have a bad rep for being too harsh on the face because most are drying and have strong scents. Well, these bars we're about to introduce aim to change everything! These are formulated with active ingredients that can get
So apparently, sea grapes are *super good* for your skin.
Food is not just something that we eat, it's also a mainstay ingredient in our skincare products. Some favorites are carrot, tomato, avocado, papaya, strawberry, almonds, and honey. But every once in a while, there are new ~yummy innovations~ that
It's only P279!
It's time to rejoice because one of the internet's favorite cleansers is now in the Philippines. For years, we've been seeing rave reviews about the Senka Perfect Whip all over the web, only to resort to