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Why did we not think of this?!
I can guarantee that one of the items on your quarantine to-do list right now is to clean your makeup brushes.We know all too well the hell that comes with cleaning your makeup brushes. It takes an eternity, your foundation
To conduct the study, researchers cleaned surfaces twice a day and floors once a day.
Here's another reason why routine cleaning is *important*: New research shows that the coronavirus disease or COVID-19 can linger in patients' bedrooms and bathrooms, according to AFP via ABS-CBN News. However, cleaning surfaces and floors with a common
One swipe is all you need to score a clean face.
There are evenings when you're too tired to move a muscle that you're tempted to skip washing your face. You respect the cardinal rule of skincare so you drag yourself to the bathroom to cleanse off makeup and dirt. But
Take facial cleansing to the next level!
Cleansing is the most important part of our skincare routines, but we always take it for granted or rush through it. ICYDK, you should at least massage the product on your face for a few minutes for the facial cleanser's
And honestly, my skin has never looked better.
From the moment I bought my first acne cleanser in high school, I committed to washing my face twice a day. Seriously, even when I hit happy hour a little too hard or snooze my alarm five times on Monday mornings, I
Somebody let Kylie Jenner know!
If you've been following the adventures of Kylie Skin since it launched last May 22, 2019, then you must know that people have been dragging Kylie Jenner for different reasons. When she first launched her skincare line, people had feelings
Including what not to do.
As impractical as suede shoes may be, we can't help having a strong affinity for them. They're versatile, classy, and, more often than not, super comfortable. What we don't like, however, is when they (inevitably) get
Ever heard of the 60-second rule?
Cleansing is important, that we already know. But did you also know that washing your face for 15 to 30 seconds each time may not be enough? At least according to LA-based aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith. Nayamka, or Nai she'
You can instantly say 'bye' to your waterproof mascara!
Cleansing oils are a godsend for removing makeup. But not all of them can remove thick, waterproof makeup. So below, we list down the ones that dissolve products like ~*magic*~!Human Nature Gentle Cleansing Oil, P199.75, Beauty BarLumiere Organiceuticals Biocellular Cleansing
Are you washing your face the right way?
The way you cleanse your face is actually the most important part of your regimen (It's the first step!). So if you're always getting weird bumps or pimples but haven't been trying any new, possibly irritating
Make your skin feel ~fancy~.
In case you're wondering why bottles of "beauty water" are sprouting on retail shelves, we're here to tell you everything you need to know about this relatively new type of skincare product, including its benefits!Thermal WaterThe first
Because there's no better place to look for recommendations!
Whether or not you have a full-fledged skincare regimen, cleansing and makeup removal will always be a crucial part of it. So if you find that your current ones are just not cutting it anymore, we bet you'll find your
It's not just a rub-and-wash kind of thing!
Washing and cleansing your face is supposed to be easy, right? You just wet your skin, rub on your cleanser, and that's it! WRONG-that's not how you're supposed to cleanse your face. To get the most out of
If you *had* to skip one, which would it be?
It happens. You come home super wasted after a crazy night out, and the only thing you want more is to pass out on your bed. Hygiene? Ehhh, that can wait until tomorrow. Or can it? What exactly happens when you hit
'This is both satisfying and disgusting.'
Not that we're complaining or anything, but girls go through shitload of things to maintain appearances. From brow cleaning to sheet masking to mani-pedi sessions, it takes work to look a certain way-and we've all accepted that and
You won't be happy with the results at all.
After a long day, plopping in bed seems a more inviting option than going to the bathroom to wash your face. But did you know that this nasty habit can have repercussions that are hard to undo and repair? Read on to
Tamad to take it all off at night? Read this.
Washing off your eye makeup at night? Not exactly the easiest or fastest thing to do-especially when all you want to do is pass out on the bedroom floor. It takes what, about five cotton balls to get all that gunk
Get your skin extra clean with these face tools.
If the heat and humidity are making your complexion super oily, or if you have to wear makeup daily, you may need some extra help when it comes to cleansing. This mix of electronic brushes will help you score a deep-clean
Sunshine Dizon, Rhian Ramos, and Kris Bernal share how they care for their skin. Pick up some star pointers.