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There's nothing wrong with showing some skin. Especially when you're 31 years old, for goodness' sake.
Cosmo's July cover girl, Toni Gonzaga, sparked an online debate among her followers after posting a cleavage-baring behind-the-scenes photo of our magazine shoot on Instagram:While some commented that her photo was "too revealing" and "too exposed"
Your cleavage is talking. It's just doing it very quietly.
1. Push-up Cleavage: You get shit done.When you're presented with a problem, you don't sit there wringing your hands together, unsure of what to do or how best to proceed. You just dive right in and
Want to give a sexy and sultry impression on men? Show your skin on the right parts and leave guys fantasizing and wanting more.
We all know men love sexy women--it's just that they define "sexy" in different ways. Aside from the woman's shape and cup size, another thing that would determine sexiness for them is just around which part of