Are they actually a real thing?
Ever heard people banging on about "coregasms" (climaxing while exercising) and wondered if this is even a real thing? Like women having orgasms in their sleep, it's hard to separate rumor from fact.Sex and relationships mentor, and founder of Intimacy
Is your guy an early peaker? Does he pop the cork way before you're ready? Girl, he may have premature ejaculation.
You and your guy are getting it on, and well, bam! He peaked and lost control. He's embarrassed and upset while you're left horny and bitin. Is it his fault or yours? Stop the finger-pointing and hear this: He
There's absolutely nothing wrong with you! Here, we explain why.
One of the most common sexual concerns of women is their inability to climax during intercourse, which triggers feeling of dissatisfaction, fear, and low self-esteem.Ladies, listen up: there is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your vajayjay. Many women have
When it comes to doing the deed, the more you know, the better sex is. We collected surprisingly wild info that puts the X in sex.
There's one ultimate goal during sex: to be as sensually stimulated as possible. The secret to achieving that blissful state? Having lots of steamy info at your disposal. As they say, knowledge is power...and pleasure. So, we found a ton
Climaxing isn't always as obvious for women as it is for men. Here are six questions to ask yourself after the deed to know if you've reached the big O.
Some women wonder if they've truly hit the high note. If you answer "yes" to at least one of these questions, you're a member of the climax club.1. Have you ever felt your vaginal walls start spasming?2. Have
Having trouble getting over the edge? Find out what sabotages your chances of climaxing, and learn how to deal with it.
1. Your guy annoyed you.You may have trouble feeling intimate (i.e. orgasmic) with him until you've addressed what's been bothering you.2. You're trying too hard.Worrying about when you're going to climax takes you out
Having trouble hitting your pleasure point? Here's our detailed guide to achieving an orgasm <i>every time</i> you get it on.
Here at Cosmo, we're flooded with reader emails asking us about orgasms. The concerns we get asked most: "Why is it so difficult for a woman to climax?" and "What's going on when an O won't happen at all?"
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