Sometimes 'clinginess' can turn into emotional abuse.
Clingy partners are the worst, especially if having alone time is something super important to you and your mental well-being. But, there's a line between, "Wants to spend time with me because they like me," and "Yeah, they'
Since when did caring about someone become an insult?
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Haven't been with him in a while? Of course that's going to make you clingy!
Clinginess has a pretty negative connotation of not giving your partner any space, so we're running with that. But some people are really just clingy, and sometimes the clinginess is understandable, if not justifiable. (To all you clingy people out there,
You overanalyze his social media activity so much, it's amazing how you can get anything done.
1. You miss him. All day, everyday. You just had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him, but the moment you part ways, you immediately text him "Omg babe, I miss you na." It's okay to miss him but why not try
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