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Let us have the pleasure of explaining this to you.
In Grade 6, I remember our teacher talking to us about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It was *such* a foreign concept that to be honest, I barely paid attention in class. All I remember from that day were the weird (and gross)
Fun fact: It's less likely to get infected than your other, more visible ones.
While a genital piercing may not be as common or easy as getting your ears or belly button pierced, it is a very similar process. A small hole is placed and made to insert a ring, stud, or other piece of jewelry-
In the best way, of course.
Although movies and TV will have you believing the moment of penetration should be orgasmic for you, in reality, 82 percent of women can't orgasm just because a penis or dildo is inside them. For the majority of vulva-havers, clitoral
Something for your happy button. ;)
Despite what you've seen in popular series and movies, most women and people with vaginas can't orgasm from penetration alone. Yes, it's true: It takes a little more effort to get the Big O-though it
Reminder: Vulvas come in all shapes and sizes.
For the longest time, I thought my oversized clitoris was wrong, abnormal, and gross. The only organ in my body whose sole purpose was sexual pleasure was the thing bringing me the most displeasure.When I was a preteen, part of me
Yes, it's also a part of the clitoris.
There is a scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte talks about never seeing her vagina and having no idea what ~*really*~ goes on down there. This is something a lot of Pinays can relate to, thanks to the absurd stigma
It's actually magical.
The clitoris is, without a doubt, incredible. Not that we need any further proof of this, but relationship and sex mentor Colin Richards, and Clue researchers reckon there are nine more, pretty awesome, surprising things everyone should know about the not-so-
This clit holds a ton of power for satisfying sex.
C-spot. Love button. Rosebud. No matter what you call it, your clitoris is a supersensitive, nerve-packed sex organ that exists solely for your pleasure. And your next climax probably depends on it. Stimulating the clitoris is either necessary for or
Insertion is overrated.
The clitoris, with its 8,000 nerve endings, exists to give you pleasure. A climatic way to enjoy make the most of it is, unsurprisingly, a clitoral orgasm. But what exactly is a clitoral orgasm, and how does it differ from vaginal
They make some women orgasm so hard, they CRY.
Here's everything you need to know about clitoris piercings, from the pain to the (very well-documented) pleasure.There's evidence that clit piercings aren't just about looking pretty, but also have a direct impact on sexual
Fingering, IMO, is severely underrated, often seen as nothing more than a short stop on you and your partner's way around the bases when-if done right-it can be a main attraction. Zoƫ Ligon, sex educator and founder of
Finally, there's an anatomically correct 3D model available!
France is making strides in educating their students on sex and the female reproductive system, specifically the clitoris, and we could not be more envious.The "world's first open-source anatomically correct 3D printed clitoris" was revealed in August 2016, with
Like that some clits are the size of a pickle. Like that.
We all think we know everything we need to know about our clitorises. They're awesome, stimulating, they're the primary way we have orgasms, and...what else is there? The answer is: a lot. spoke with Dr. Emily Nagoski,
Really now?
An article in the upcoming issue of Clinical Anatomy hypothesizes that there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm. Seriously! According to Drs. Vincenzo and Giulia Puppo, the "female penis" (the clitoris) is the only thing that can really, truly make
From OM to OH! Orgasmic Meditation lets you find your center through manual clitoral stimulation. Promise, this is no BS.
Who knew clitoral stimulation could be a form of meditation? TurnOn Colorado, a community committed to exploring intimacy and connection, offers structured Orgasmic Meditation or OM courses designed to provide an orgasmic experience for participants via manual clitoral stimulation. The classes are
Having trouble hitting your pleasure point? Here's our detailed guide to achieving an orgasm <i>every time</i> you get it on.
Here at Cosmo, we're flooded with reader emails asking us about orgasms. The concerns we get asked most: "Why is it so difficult for a woman to climax?" and "What's going on when an O won't happen at all?"