Make room for the functional ones.
When you open your closet and think that you have "nothing to wear," the solution isn't always to shop for more clothes, but rather, to declutter. This is mainly because your wardrobe is filled up with way too many items
It's like the holy grail of walk-in closets.
Imagine our delight when Heart Evangelista posted via Instagram stories a teaser of a video for her YouTube channel."One of my most requested vlogs, coming later!" Heart captioned the video, which she covered with heart stickers.As it turns out, Heart
She was inspired by Marie Kondo's Konmari method.
In a new vlog episode, Jessy Mendiola talks about decluttering her walk-in closet after watching the series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Though the actress doesn't strictly follow the Konmari method, she does let go of the things that no
Get a chance to shop her wardrobe!
Anne Curtis has just announced that she's about to do a garage sale! Don't believe us? Check out the Instagram story she recently posted:Here's your chance to shop the actress' covetable closet! Rummaging through
There are no words.
Brace yourselves, because Kylie Jenner just shared a tour of the entire "room" in her house dedicated to just her handbags. If you were ever wondering how the 21-year-old-almost-billionaire spends her Kylie Cosmetics earnings, look no further than
Prepare to spend the next 36 minutes organizing *your* closet in your head.
Did you know that just like Kendall Jenner, fashion blogger Camille Co also has two closets? She has her main closet where she keeps all the things she uses frequently and another extended area that's still big enough for me
A not-so-secret guilty pleasure ;)
When my life is in shambles and I can't find anything on my work desk or home closet, I like to sort of make myself feel better by scrolling through photos of insanely organized spaces. Don't ask me
Get some inspo for your own closet!
KC Concepcion decided to go for a cream-colored closet with lighted and open-faced shelves.Her wardrobe is arranged according to type and design.She also has a wall full of hats and other accessories.Alex Gonzaga opted for open racks,
It'll leave your jaws dropped!
Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid has always had a fascination for shoes.Thanks to social media, her followers can now get a glimpse of her jaw-dropping shoe collection. Regine recently revived her other Instagram account with the handle @fashionpicturest,
And how does she open it? WITH HER FINGERPRINT.
We've seen some pretty amazing celebrity closets, including Kendall Jenner's and Alex Gonzaga's. But this woman's 700-square-foot closet is on another level. Jamie Chua, a socialite and entrepreneur from Singapore, was featured
Getting ready will be SO much easier!
Let's be honest, no matter how many clothes you have in your closet, it's easy to feel like you never have anything to wear. Which is why we spoke to Practical Princess' Elika Gibbs and Virginia Feacey,
Who else is crying happy tears?
We've all had a hunch that Kendall Jenner probably has a killer closet, but guess what? We were wrong. She has TWO. Kendall took on a 360-degree tour of her closets, and praise be, we get to see
Your early-morning clothing crises are truly valid.
Unless you actually take the time to plan the next day's clothes the previous night, you're probably very familiar with the panic that sets in when you wake up late and can't manage to put an outfit together. It'
Get ideas on how you can showcase your collections, too!
While sturdy cabinets and trusty organizers can help keep our belongings organized, there are still days when we can't help but dream about spacious rooms filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves, pretty cabinets, and full length mirrors, to boot.If you'
Are you surprised? 'Cause we're not.
ICYDK, Kendall Jenner moved into Emily Blunt's old house last year-remember the cozy purple couch?-and it looks like she's staying put. On her app, Kendall's been pretty open about all the fun she's having fixing up
A girl can dream, right?
2016 is almost over, and you've probably started thinking about all the changes you want to make in 2017, right? So why not start early? Donate all the *stuff* you no longer use, and make room for all the wonderful things
Take it from Elsa and let it go.
Letting go is always hard, and this applies to parting with material things-even those that don't hold any real sentiment. Fear of regret is enough to keep us clinging to things we're not even sure we ever liked. Below
1 top, 24 different looks. Meet the MORF.
Created by Israel-based designer Tamara Salem, the MORF is "a shirt that magically allows you to transform your look in up to 24 different ways." Want proof? Watch this video!Amazing, right? The secret lies in MORF's lack of a
It's time to let go.
Cleaning out your closet can be stressful. You want to throw stuff away, but something always holds you back. Why? Because clothes aren't just things you wear, they are how you express yourself, which means they're loaded with all sorts
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