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Deceased rodents are definitely not this season's hottest fashion accessory.
In July, 24-year-old Cailey Fiesel bought two dresses off the rack at a Zara store in Greenwich, Connecticut. A few weeks later, she wore one to work-the first time she'd worn this dress-and noticed that there was
Style staples that you and your guy can wear!
Possibly the first commercial retailer to do so, Zara has released a line of non-gender specific wardrobe pieces that work for girls and guys, Elle reports. The collection launched without much fanfare, simply popping up on the store's website under
And we're sharing all the cool looks!
It's no secret that Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is a big fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. In fact, she proudly shares and snaps her workouts on Instagram and Snapchat. The actress particularly enjoys boxing (she's a big fan
Here's hoping Taylor hears us out!
The ultimate queen of the world and true style icon Taylor Swift has finally done what we've all been secretly waiting for-launch a clothing line! Because who doesn't love all of T-Swizzle's endless super chic and stylish
Your OOTD could be hurting you in ways you never expected.
When you get dressed in the morning, you might consider the weather, your post-work plans, and how you seriously need to do laundry ASAP. But you probably don't think much about your health.While proper hygiene and common sense can
Think of a big amount. Nope, it's bigger than that.
The editor-in-chief at American Vogue, Anna Wintour, receives an estimated $200,000 clothing allowance (almost nine million in pesos!), according to The New York Times.The newspaper also reported that the 64-year-old fashionista has attended over 3,000