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Not all clothes are meant to be snug.
Most clothes look better when they're snug, like, say, a pair of denim jeans, but not every item in your closet has to fit you like a glove. Sometimes, a slightly looser fit can be a more flattering and stylish
Women deserve the freedom men have to choose what they wear, sans consequences.
I remember waiting to turn 12 so I could finally pick my own clothes. I didn't feel like I could fill in my big girl shoes until I could pick out a full outfit, from head to toe. SEXUAL HARASSMENT
Deceased rodents are definitely not this season's hottest fashion accessory.
In July, 24-year-old Cailey Fiesel bought two dresses off the rack at a Zara store in Greenwich, Connecticut. A few weeks later, she wore one to work-the first time she'd worn this dress-and noticed that there was
Style staples that you and your guy can wear!
Possibly the first commercial retailer to do so, Zara has released a line of non-gender specific wardrobe pieces that work for girls and guys, Elle reports. The collection launched without much fanfare, simply popping up on the store's website under
Your OOTD could be hurting you in ways you never expected.
When you get dressed in the morning, you might consider the weather, your post-work plans, and how you seriously need to do laundry ASAP. But you probably don't think much about your health.While proper hygiene and common sense can
Does it take you forever to get ready in the morning? Make your daily fashion decisions easier by whipping your wardrobe into shape!
1. Separate work and play.Pick up one set of hangers (say, pink plastic ones) for your strictly social, fun clothes that you'd never wear on the job, and another set (in a different color) for your work-only outfits. Try
The <i>Pretty Little Liars</i> star talks music, fashion, and what made her say yes to joining Bench's stellar roster of endorsers.
She first gained recognition in the singing reality show American Juniors, but it was her role as Aria in Pretty Little Liars that propelled Lucy Hale to stardom. Today, the 23-year-old is one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood,
We give you a preview of the hip pieces you can nab when the popular Japanese apparel brand opens its first store in the Philippines in June.
The rumor that fashionistas have been buzzing about since last year is true: Uniqlo is coming to Manila! In June 2012, you'll see for yourself why the Japanese brand is the largest clothing retailer in Asia. After recently opening stores in
Columnist Bianca Valerio chats with a stylish young retail entrepreneur, whose thoughts can help you encourage your guy to develop his style. Share this with your man!
Oftentimes, when a man is called fashionable, metrosexual, maporma, and the like, for some unfortunate (and borderline annoying) reason, other so-called "manliest of men" automatically associate this with being gay or effeminate.Newsflash: There is nothing manly about ignorance and intolerance.
Whether your man enjoys dressing up or prefers to keep it low-key, what he wears on the outside can say A LOT about what's inside. Take this quiz to find out what his wardrobe reveals about his personality!
Check out this new site,, which makes browsing and purchasing online a whole lot simpler! Shop till you drop--from your own home.
Shopping for fab fashion finds just got a whole lot easier, girls. Summit Media (Cosmopolitan Philippines' mother company) has come out with its newest baby: Forget having to memorize all the URLs of your favorite online shops. This is a
Our Style & Beauty columnist defines the fine line between sexy and skanky clothing. Read on.
There's truth to the saying, "Life is a stage and we're all but characters that play a role..." So we're playing roles huh? But, um, what exactly are we wearing?Call it shallow, but wardrobe has always been integral
Cosmo kept an eye out for <em>fashionistas</em> in the Privado exclusive luxury sale event and asked them who their Hollywood paparazzi favorite is.
There are certain looks that keep popping up on the runaway. Here are some that we can’t get enough of.