<i>Para hindi ka naman mapahiya.</i>
Sooo your best gal pals are planning a night out. Meanwhile, you look like this.Because you 1. Hate going out (but you're forced to); 2. Have nothing to wear; and 3. Would rather stay at home and watch The Notebook
We saw a bunch of hunks at a recent music festival featuring international DJ masters! Check them out for a dose of eye candy!
We know women love to dance, but it turns out guys occasionally like to bust a move, too! We couldn't help but notice all hunks who flocked to World Trade Center to dance the night away at Trance Energy 2012, the
Manila's it-crowd attended the one-night-only show of the popular DJ who collaborated with Rihanna for "We Found Love." See which of your fave stars were at the event!
Last month, we announced that Globe Tattoo would bring Scottish singer-songwriter and master remixer DJ Calvin Harris to Manila for a one-night-only event. We hope you were able to make it to Republiq Club that night and party with
See what these party girls wore to the first massive dance music festival of the year!
Clubgoers from all over the metro recently gathered at the World Trade Center for a wild night at Trance Energy 2012--the first massive dance music festival of the year! Organized by Bigfish and Freedom Music, the festival featured Dutch dance sensation
Practice these seduction tricks at your New Year's Eve bash. Master them and you'll have gorgeous men wrapped around your finger throughout 2012!
When you're gearing up for a night out, you probably have a pretty standard checklist: Sexy top? Clearly. Killer pair of heels? Of course. But, there's a big difference between a guy checking you out and a guy who can'
One of the most popular house music acts will spin for Manila's clubbers next week--don't miss it! Read on to find out how to be part of it.
World famous breakout house music DJ Kaskade will be in Manila to spin chill-out music mixes on December 15, Thursday, at Republiq in Newport Malls, Resorts World. Partygoers have the leading broadband in the country, Globe-powered Tattoo, to thank for
If you're thinking of going boy-hunting this long weekend, find out where these guys we saw at an Eastwood City hotspot will be spending summer.
Cosmo cozied up to cuties at this exclusive vampire-themed party to ask: What makes you hotter than a vampire?
Hot men flocked to the world-renowned DJ’s one-night-only gig--where we ambushed them with this question: What fault can't you forgive?
At Bigfish's well-attended weekday gig featuring world-famous DJ Paul Van Dyk, Cosmo asked pretty party girls what outfits they think are a hit with the boys.
Cosmo made <em>chika</em> with cuties at a clubbing hotspot and found out what they think of bold babes!
You’ve spotted your soon-to-be new boyfriend. Now if only he’d say hi. Here’s how to emit an “I’m interested” signal he’ll pick up.
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