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Remember when we used to burn these tracks on a CD?!
Long before music streaming platforms were a thing, OG K-pop fans would go through a lot first before they can listen to their faves. We used to list down the tracks we love, burn them on a cd, and play them
We miss A.N.JELL!
Who could forget 2009 K-drama You're Beautiful? One of *the OGs*, the series tells the story of a nun-in-training who is forced to pretend to be her identical male twin brother as part of boy band A.
Gu Jun Pyo wasn't originally meant for Lee Min Ho.
Many of our favorite Korean actors right now all had their breakout roles, but for some of them, it could have been a totally different story because the roles they end up slaying were actually originally offered to someone else. Could you
She’s actually a sweetheart IRL!
You've seen Han So Hee's acting chops on A World Of Married Couple, and we're pretty sure you're confused whether you love or hate her because of how well she portrayed her character, Da
Missing your faves? No more ~ugly crying~!
It is a fact that a part of every South Korean man's life is dedicated to mandatory military service or "conscription." Before they turn 30 years old, they must enlist and be in good physical health so they can perform
From OG fans to newbie stans!
I must confess: I was one of those people who thought K-pop was uncool, weird, and totally manufactured. For me, K-pop wasn't ~real music~.I know. I KNOWWWW.But before you exit this article and send me hate
It's Yong Hwa's first Asian tour!
Good news, K-pop fans! Ovation Productions announced on December 6 that CNBLUE member Jung Yong Hwa is set to perform in Manila for a show called "Still 622" on March 6, 2020, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.Ticket details