Emphasis on PERFECT.
Ever tried making your own cocktail? It shouldn't be so hard to mix gin/vodka/whiskey/rum, juice, fruit, sauce, and other flavors together, but there is a way to make the best glass of cocktail and we have science to
...And more cocktails we absolutely love!
Margarita (On the rocks)Get the recipe here!Amaretto Sour Get the recipe here! Red Wine Sangria Get the recipe here!Long Island Iced Tea Get the recipe here!Strawberry Mojito Get the recipe here! CosmopolitanGet the recipe here!
Perfect for happy hour with your girlfriends!
The long weekend is coming up! Celebrate with your best girlfriends by making your own homemade cocktails. Basil Mojito Get the recipe here! Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Mimosas Get the recipe here! Strawberry Mojito Get the recipe here!Amaretto SourGet the recipe
Take this short quiz and find out the perfect cocktail that fits your personality. Then, recreate your drink with a bonus recipe after you get your result!
These refreshing drinks may look fancy, but they're actually super easy to make.
Hosting a party at your place? Here are three classic cocktails you can try making with your friends. The instructions are pretty straightforward (mix and shake!) so it's up to you to experiment with the ingredients we've listed below. Cheers!
Enjoy a stay-in ladies' night with your girlfriends and mix up your own delish Cosmos...with a twist!
Out with the old, in with the new! That should be our mantra for 2013 as we start the year on a positive note. Forget that bad breakup with what's-his-face or that rejection letter you received from the nth
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