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Who wants a glass of 'Kagatan?'
Just pour the drinks, stir, and enjoy. Cheers!***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Emphasis on PERFECT.
Ever tried making your own cocktail? It shouldn't be so hard to mix gin/vodka/whiskey/rum, juice, fruit, sauce, and other flavors together, but there is a way to make the best glass of cocktail and we have science to
...And more cocktails we absolutely love!
Margarita (On the rocks)Get the recipe here!Amaretto Sour Get the recipe here! Red Wine Sangria Get the recipe here!Long Island Iced Tea Get the recipe here!Strawberry Mojito Get the recipe here! CosmopolitanGet the recipe here!
How to dress up for ANY event.
Event invites are confusing. There's white tie, black tie, formal, semi-formal, cocktail-the list goes on and on. But girl, don't worry, because we're here to help! Here, a list of the most common dress codes, and how