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Can’t say I’m shocked!
Welp, it was only a matter of time Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson were going to something eyebrow-raising this month. And no, they didn't post any more lingerie/shirtless photos on Instagram or spill any cheeky details about
That's one way to motivate!
Just when you thought today was going to be a regular shmegular day with no particularly shocking celebrity news whatsoever, surprise! Frequently oversharing couple, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, are here to change that, I guess.Turns out, the likely reason both
Nope nope nope nope nope.
Did you find yourself casually scrolling through Instagram Stories only to be completely horrified by what was lurking on Cody Simpson's page? Same, and in the poetic words of Zac Efron circa High School Musical, we're all in this together.
Give them all to me rtfn.
The new year means new books. And though you may not have gone through all your 2019 must-reads, there's already more you need to add to the list for 2020. This coming year's roster is filled with
Welp, looks like Liam Hemsworth's short-lived relationship with actress Maddison Brown might be over, because he was just seen introducing model Gabriella Brooks to his parents. The actor, who's currently in the midst of a divorce from
*tries not to read into things*
Happy day, everyone, Miley Cyrus has two new tattoos we need to discuss immediately. Over the weekend, the singer stopped by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter, aka Winter Stone, who shared pics of his work on Instagram. Starting with this pretty innnnnnteresting
Cody even spent Thanksgiving with her fam!
Okay, so remember when Cody Simpson squashed rumors that he and Miley Cyrus broke up by posting an adorable photo of baby Miley on Insta? Well, not only are Cody and Miley not broken up, but they're doing great, thanks
'There's no doubt they are crazy about each other.'
Have you checked Instagram lately? Because you might have noticed that it's missing something, namely Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's nonstop PDA. A few weeks ago, we, the people, literally couldn't get through one casual scrolling
Cody Simpson is right by her side, FWIW.
Yikes, Miley Cyrus just went through vocal cord surgery and is currently recovering at home, according to People. Sources tell the outlet that "the surgery went well and she is resting up at home now" and that Miley "has known for a
Lol, hi, Jared Leto.
Unlike the rest of us poor souls (please see: me/my life), Miley Cyrus has an excellent dating track record. Not only was she married to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, she's hooked up with the likes of casual supermodel Stella
Color me speechless!!!
Good news! If Miley Cyrus' recent relationships have consumed your every waking thought, then you'll be delighted to hear that body language expert Blanca Cobb has some tea about Miley's latest situationships.Cobb analyzed Miley's body language during recent
Y tho?
Today in deeply awkward news that makes me second-hand uncomfortable, it looks like Liam Hemsworth is potentially gearing up to move in right next to the house Miley Cyrus and her new boyfriend, Cody Simpson, are living in. And, like, I
This whole thing went from zero to 100 in five minutes.
Of all the weird things that have happened in 2019, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's relationship might be the weirdest. Like, it's cute! They're sweet! But also this whole thing came outta nowhere and went from
This is getting a bit catty.
While Liam Hemsworth is apparently not bothered about Miley Cyrus anymore, Cody Simpson just threw some major shade in her ex-husband's direction. This whole situation is just a lot, isn't it?After Miley and Liam announced their
Not okay!
This week, Kaitlynn Carter was minding her own business soaking up those sunny Cali rays when a body-shamer left a comment on her Instagram snap telling her she looks "too thin."Kaitlynn, who briefly dated Miley Cyrus following her split from
He’s over it, mmkay!
It's only been 18 days since Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were caught on camera kissing each other, but things have been progressing pretty darn fast for the couple. Cody already wrote a song for Miley, Cody and Miley got matching
Shots are fired!
Since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced their divorce in August, it's been all systems go. And while Miley's relationship with Kaitlynn Carter wasn't to be, she has since found love again with Cody Simpson-who
She spoke their relationship into existence!
If you've been all wrapped up trying to figure out who TF Cody Simpson is and why he and Miley Cyrus are licking each other's tongues, please take a break and direct your attention to Maddison Brown. You&#
Um, what is he trying to say here?!?
I bet you thought that after the last ten days of Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson being very public about their new romance that it might calm down a bit, but you'd be wrong because Cody is now out here
If you thought that Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's relationship was all kissing over açai bowls and cute Instagrams, then you're mistaken, because according to Cody's sister Alli Simpson, these two-despite being this month&#