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They're so Instagram-worthy, too!
If like us, you're a fan of all things #aesthetic, then chances are your kitchen essentials include dainty plates, wooden bowls, and colorful utensils. You're also probably starting to stock up on cute mugs for your daily dose
You'll want to collect them all!
Building a mug collection to level up your homemade coffee? If you like quirky designs, you can check out these instant noodles-themed mugs, these ceramic face mugs, or these NSFW mugs. If you prefer to stick to classic, timeless designs, online
There's a boa constrictor one, too!
Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince has a timeless charm that people both young and old can relate to, so we wouldn't be surprised if you've got a few The Little Prince-themed things as
Perfect for your feed!
These days, you've probably been posting a lot of throwback photos or, if you're a lot like us, food pics. In case you want to level up your food photos, know that your choice of dishes and glassware
They're perfect for the 'gram!
These days, you might have attempted to make your home-cooked meals or freshly brewed coffee look pretty for the 'gram-and it's hard to do that when you're stuck with lame kitchen essentials that don'
Time to start a mug collection!
If you live and work in Metro Manila, then your daily routine probably involves heading to your fave cafe for a fresh cup of coffee to get you energized for a busy day-at least before the pandemic, that is. Nowadays, you
Something to brighten up your mood!
We may have just entered the rainy season, but it's never too late to treat ourselves with perky summer finds to bring some color into our gloomy homes. Luckily, Starbucks has got us covered with their new line of adorable floral-
Pa-cute and proud!
Every morning, when you order your perfect cup of coffee, you probably take a picture and post it on your Instagram or Facebook Stories. Well, Starbucks' new collection will make you want to take photos WITH your cup of joe. Starbucks