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The café's merch fits right in with its sleek interiors.
Kyoto-born coffee shop % Arabica is best known for its tasty brews as well as its sleek, clean-cut interiors and chill ambiance. It's no surprise that a fresh cup of coffee is made more soul-soothing when enjoyed inside
Add these to your travel bucket list in the future!
We've always marveled at how Starbucks manages to reinvent itself in any country it lays ground on. The cafe definitely specializes in having concept stores that stand out from the usual modern design of their coffee branches. We've already listed
It was designed in collaboration with German architect Alexis Dornier.
With their specialty brews and minimalist aesthetic, % Arabica is a favorite hangout spot for coffeeheads who appreciate a good view. The good news is, you can now get your Arabica fix at yet another spot in Bonifacio Global City, as the coffee
It takes effect today.
Nowadays, it seems that you always have to be watching your phone for updates on everything. One minute, you need a quarantine pass, the next minute, you don't; one minute you're on community quarantine, the next you'
Treat yourself on laundry day!
Raise your hand if you look forward to laundry day! No? We're guessing that many of you dread it, not just because of the piles of dirty clothes waiting to greet you, but the mere thought of washing, rinsing, and drying
Santiago's Cafe has flamingos on their walls!
If you've been seeing photos of people posing in front of a flamingo wall and wondering where this spot is, it's actually Santiago's Cafe. It's a new coffee shop in Mandaluyong near the City
Owner Camille Pilar goes from fighting for a clean beach online to running Clean Beach offline.
Anyone can share a damning viral photo or send out a few angry tweets to call out a social wrong, but not everyone has the guts to bring the cause they fight for online to the IRL sphere.Enter Camille Pilar, a
So ~*fancy*~!
Here's one more spot to add to your 2018 travel bucket list, girls: The world's largest Starbucks just opened in Shanghai, China! The Shanghai Starbucks Reserve Roastery opened on December 5. The coffee paradise is around 30,000
It's called 'Bake,' and it's in Siargao!
Rachel Peters has proven that she's a woman of many talents. When she's not busy empowering Pinays all over the world, she's running her coffee shop called Bake. Located in Siargao Island, Bake is right by spoke to Ros Juan, owner of Commune, about staying innovative and using social media to improve her business.
Manila is a city crawling with coffee shops. It's a place where you're never too far away from a decent cup; where cafés are the default place for meetings, catch-ups, and the in-between; and where chain brands
It's owned by 23-year-old Nicole Guanio, who quit her corporate job and started the cafe with a P450,000 capital.
The Nook Café opened its doors in Maginhawa just under a year ago. It is the brainchild of 23-year-old Nicole Guanio, whose love for books and Harry Potter led her to quit the corporate world. Credits: Jean SaturninoTell us about
I worked at Starbucks for six years and this is what baristas would never say to your face but think all the time.
1. I could not give a shit if I spell your name right.This video is the Truth and the Light. And if you try and spell your name out for me like I'm an idiot, I'll just spell it
Age 8Mom, what are you drinking? [Takes a sip.] GROSS, GROSS, GROSS! Quick, get me my juice! Age 10Emma's older sister always gets coffee when she takes us to Dunkin' Donuts for strawberry frosted doughnuts with sprinkles. We should get coffee
Homemade cafe lattes, cappuccinos, and iced coffee FTW!
Are you spending way too much money on your favorite coffee? We feel you, CGs. The good news is you can recreate it in the comfort of your own home, minus the extra expenses. Here's a cheat sheet on how to
The perfect combo: coffee and great company.
There are two things that go great with chikahan: girlfriends and caffeine. Fortunately, Manila's cafe scene has seen a shift-from the chain variety to handcrafted artistry. Better coffee can only mean one thing: a better time with the girls.We
Keep heatstroke (and sleepiness) at bay with these cool drinks!
Dear CGs, we know you need your caffeine fix, but the last thing you want to drink on a hot summer day is an equally hot cup of coffee or tea. Luckily, we found a few interesting alternatives to quench your thirst.
This summer, Starbucks gives in to your every wish, letting you customize your fave drink, giving it at half off every Monday, and bringing you new and old fave treats to go with it. Plus: scratch cards!
Even with all the options now offered at coffee shops, do you ever find yourself still searching for your very own perfect drink? This summer, you just might find your coffee match, as Starbucks Coffee finally lets you be your own barista
'Tis the season to enjoy fave coffee drinks and indulge in sinful desserts and meals. You'll be rewarded with that coveted planner after a few rounds--plus the chance to help the community.
With somber All Souls' Day behind us, it's just holiday cheer from here on out, and your favorite coffee shops are finally releasing their yummy Christmas blends, food items--and planners, of course!One of the coffee brands whose Christmas releases
Ever heard of the best and most expensive coffee in the world, the <i>alamid</i> coffee? It's now more accessible, and definitely worth a try!
Yes, we Cosmo chicks love anything on a budget, and if we could get something we love for a much cheaper price, we most definitely would! But, there are just some things that are definitely worth spending on, at least once in