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Because coffee is meant to be enjoyed with every sip.
We usually head to cafés to get our morning cup of Joe to fuel our hectic days. Or, we stay in one to set up our laptops and work in peace. We've always associated coffee with an energy rush,
All for the love of 'Vincenzo.' *winks*
As a student, I was never a fan of coffee. Back then, I didn't like its taste and the ~feeling~ it leaves in the mouth. When I started working, I realized that caffeine is what I need to get me
From coffee to egg drop sandwiches!
Tagaytay isn't the only place in the south you can spend your precious weekends at! Located in Las Piñas City, a Korean street cafe by the name of 8 By The Street just opened for all the foodies who
It's all about going local.
Did you miss % Arabica Coffee? I remember hanging out with my friends at their BGC cafe. When they announced that they would close, I was heartbroken. But, there were talks that the cafe would come back with a Pinoy rebrand. Well, that
Time to refuel with a cup of coffee!
Most of us found our own coping mechanisms to manage cabin fever in the past year. Some acquired new cooking skills like baking bread, gone down the K-pop or K-drama rabbit hole, or started on a fitness journey like cycling,
Enjoy your favorite brew while being surrounded by lush greens.
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, no one thought it would last as long as it did. But with almost two years in, it doesn't seem like the virus would be going away any time soon. The uncertainty of it
It'll make you feel like you're one of the characters in the series!
Have you watched Netflix's Squid Game? We're sure you've seen posts of the gigantic creepy doll from episode one and memes of the red button and green button. There are also all the funny photos referencing
They recently partnered with Stacey Bendet, CEO of top fashion house alice + olivia.
I don't know about you guys, but don't you just love it when Starbucks collabs with your fave brands and artists? ICYMI, there was one with BTS, another with Pinoy artist Patrick Cabral, and even Australian luxury sunglasses
Add this to your post-pandemic Japan itinerary!
Japanese brand Uniqlo is a go-to for their simple yet functional apparel at relatively affordable prices. Now your shopping trips to their store-if you're in Tokyo, Japan at least-could include going for a coffee run, too! The
These are the most affordable capsule coffee machines!
Capsule coffee machines are considered to be one of the more expensive coffee machines out there especially if you get one from higher-end brands. If you want to invest in this type of coffee machine and see what the hype is
We're loving the subtle pops of color in her space!
ICYMI, it's been a couple of months since Ashley Garcia moved into her new condo. She recently started a mini-series on her YouTube channel dedicated to all the makeovers she's been doing with the place and it
So brew-tiful.
If you're looking for some ideas for your next hair makeover, why not get inspiration from a lot of people's favorite drink: Coffee! We're pretty dependent on this beverage to get us through slow mornings, so
To match the iced coffee that's always in your hand.
Caffeine addicts, you've probably heard a few people in your life tell you that "liking coffee is not a personality trait." Well, we're here to remind you that you don't need that kind of toxic attitude
For a convenient but no less excellent coffee fix.
For a lot of folks, coffee is life-and while purists will insist on taking their brew black, there are also times that we hanker for the extra creamy lift that you get with a splash of milk. And for convenience'
They're perfect for the 'gram, too.
Nothing really beats the feeling of being in a cafe. Whether you go there to work, study, or simply get your favorite cup of joe, the ambience of a coffee shop can be just what you need to chill and relax. If
Two of my favorite things: chocolate and caffeine.
Hi, everyone. I guess some of you have already figured out that I loved iced coffee. I like my cup of Joe sweet and cold to help me start my day. I've been brewing coffee at home for almost a
Is it because you drink too much of it?
I usually start my day before sunrise. After I use the bathroom, I almost immediately go to the kitchen, flick the light switch up, and turn the coffee maker on. On weekends, I try to sleep in, but again, my mornings typically
They teamed up with Italian entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni to make it!
For newbie home brewers and caffeine addicts with no time (or patience) to whip up fresh cups of joe from scratch, capsule-coffee machines are a great option for homemade coffee as they provide a quick and user-friendly way to prepare
Check these out if you're planning a cafe-inspired nook inside your home!
K-drama and coffee have been our sources of comfort during this pandemic so it makes sense that these things coincide somehow. So, if you're looking to level up your coffee nook or just want to turn it into a
It's such a game-changer!
As a morning person, I always make it a point to start my day right with a good cup of coffee. Aside from keeping me awake, it's my ~survival juice~ especially during times when I need to be extra productive.