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It will be extra chilly for the next couple of days.
Baguio just recorded its lowest temperature so far for 2020 as of February 1, 2020.According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), it dropped to as low as 10.2 degrees Celsius, even lower than the temperature recorded
Look cozy and cute with these tips!
Jetting off to somewhere cold soon? Make sure you pack a coat! Aside from keeping you warm, the right coat can elevate any basic outfit you wear. If you're looking for travel outfit ideas that involve your coats, check out
It's pretty cool—literally and figuratively.
Planning our OOTDs when traveling to a cold-weather country isn't natural to us. We're so used to just packing lots of sweaters and jackets-that's all. Plus, we think layering different types of clothing will
Expect cooler and drier days ahead!
It's officially the start of the cold-weather season!The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration (PAGASA) declared on October 24 that the "Amihan season" or northeast monsoon has officially begun.PAGASA Administrator Vincent Malano said, "Surges of cold temperatures
Traveling somewhere snowy soon?
Manila's a tropical wonderland all year round, and so when jetting off to snowy spots, we don't blame you for being a tad stumped. What is a girl supposed to wear, even? After all, you don't
Thank god for sweater weather!
The sudden transition from hellish heat to non-stop rain had us scrambling for what to wear in this ~sweater weather~. Here, celeb-approved styling tricks you can try.Stay true to the sweater's lazy day appeal and pair it with
For those negative-degree vacations.
Winter is NO JOKE (yes, all caps completely intentional). It's a fact most tropical dwellers like us aren't quite aware of-while packing for a first-time trip to somewhere snowy, we dupe ourselves into thinking that the
Time to pre-style all your outfits!
Whether you're off to experience your first snow or are off to a BFF's destination wedding, it's best to show up warm, fuzzy, and fashionable.Here, easy-to-follow formulas borrowed from the celebs:Avoid looking tacky overseas and
You can finally layer and not break into a sweat!
If you're spending the -ber months in a country that actually has four seasons, you better come well-prepared-for two main reasons. First, there's nothing that could spoil a vacation quicker than freezing and getting sick because you're