Thank god for sweater weather!
The sudden transition from hellish heat to non-stop rain had us scrambling for what to wear in this ~sweater weather~. Here, celeb-approved styling tricks you can try.Stay true to the sweater's lazy day appeal and pair it with
For those negative-degree vacations.
Winter is NO JOKE (yes, all caps completely intentional). It's a fact most tropical dwellers like us aren't quite aware of-while packing for a first-time trip to somewhere snowy, we dupe ourselves into thinking that the
Time to pre-style all your outfits!
Whether you're off to experience your first snow or are off to a BFF's destination wedding, it's best to show up warm, fuzzy, and fashionable.Here, easy-to-follow formulas borrowed from the celebs:Avoid looking tacky overseas and
You can finally layer and not break into a sweat!
If you're spending the -ber months in a country that actually has four seasons, you better come well-prepared-for two main reasons. First, there's nothing that could spoil a vacation quicker than freezing and getting sick because you're
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