Say hello to a youthful, radiant complexion!
Of the many ingredients used in the beauty industry, there is nothing more popular and sought-after than collagen. The market is heavily saturated with it, too-from skincare products to supplements. They all promise to grant you a supple, bouncy, and
'Do I really need it?'
While a basic yet consistent skincare routine-we're talking about topical serums and moisturizers-is vital in scoring a flawless, youthful complexion, there are other things you can try to boost up your skin's health. Facials, treatments, and
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I absolutely HATE the sensation of anything that resembles an electric current: static electricity, that "ngilo" feeling when you get cavities drilled by your dentist, or even the occasional audible spark when you plug something into a socket. When my teammate Ysa
Did it actually improve my skin's appearance? Find out here.
If you have always been curious about collagen powder drinks and how it can affect your complexion, read on. Belo Nutraceuticals recently came out with a new flavor of their Collagen Powder Drink-the Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie Powder Drink-which is
We asked four doctors to give us collagen 101.
Any beauty addict knows that a glowing complexion takes more than just a tried-and-tested skincare regimen-you have to think about what you put inside your body as well. In addition to eating healthy, beauty supplements, which are marketed as
Apparently, you should.
If researchers told you that putting on a patch of microneedles-yes NEEDLES-on your face is way more effective than your expensive collagen facial cream to battle wrinkles and stretch marks, would you do it?Scientists from the National University of
Here, anti-aging products that'll take years off your face--and you don't even need surgery.
Collagen is a big trend in the beauty world these days, and it's easy to see why. The complex protein is naturally found in our body to keep our skin firm and supple, but production decreases as we age-making us
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