Foody science?
Have you ever wondered why McDonald's picked a yellow logo?And come to think of it, Burger King's bun, the second half of Subway, and the line on the Pizza Hut sign are also that familiar shade of
No one wants to look like a talong.
Barney is no peg for a Cosmo girl. If you want to wear 2018's ultraviolet, check out which hues would best complement the color of the year.Black, white, and grey would tone down the strong color. To add edge to
Say goodbye to black and white with tone-on-tone coloring!
Picking out colors that work harmoniously together can be very tricky-after all, color can make or break the space. This is probably the reason why most homeowners decide to stick to black and white.No need to worry, even if matching
It's been lovingly described as 'death.'
Colors can conjure up a lot of associations, but apparently only one specific hue has the power to "minimize appeal" and "maximize perceived harm." That's right-researchers pinpointed the world's ugliest color, and it's been lovingly described as "dirty," "
Loads of coloring inspo ahead!
The adult coloring book craze is totally blowing up these days, with everyone from the celebs you follow on Instagram to your mom filling in those pretty patterns to melt their stress away. Whether you're a straight-up coloring enthusiast or
Because we like the color, and the guy who best represents it in our country is pretty amazing.
In commemoration of Ninoy Aquino's 30th death anniversary on August 21st (What, you didn't get the office memo?), we compiled our favorite yellow fashion and beauty products we can't live without. Launch our gallery and check 'em out.
Experiment with your wardrobe this summer by playing with vibrant palettes and quirky designs.
Be fearless with your fashion choices this season by getting inspiration from some of the top looks highlighted on Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012. Five local designers presented their new collections at the Visions & Trends show, and we got a front
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