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When you've had enough of K-dramas and rom-coms, this show is perfect for you.
Busted! is a mystery variety show with seven celebrities as the main cast. These stars act as "detectives." In an operation called "Project D," each of them was implanted with a microchip containing the DNA of the best detectives the world. However,
You gotta admit, it makes you ~feel things~!
WARNING: This post contains spoilers about The Kissing Booth.So if you've been spending a lot of time on Netflix lately, then you've probably heard of their new original, The Kissing Booth. If you've watched it,
Three words: Deus Sex Machina.
How often do you think about sex? Or talk about sex? Do you joke about it with friends, officemates, even complete strangers?I'm going to be honest with you. I think about sex. A lot. I think about sexual tension when
Lovin' their on-screen chemistry in the trailer!
YouTube/ABS-CBN Star CinemaFor the very first time, resident romcom stars, John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado, have teamed up for Star Cinema's upcoming flick, Just The 3 Of Us.In the minute-long teaser, you'd definitely feel the
This video is hilarious and the song is pretty catchy, too.
Comedy Central just released a funny video on why girls should embrace their "inner natural glow"-well, sort of. At first, we thought the video was made to empower girls to wear less makeup through a ridiculously cheesy, '90s song with lyrics
Check out the new comedy, horror, action, and drama films that will keep you entertained for the rest of the summer.
The summer blockbuster season may be almost over, but there are still lots of great films you can look forward to catching in the cinema! Call up your guy, barkada, or family and make plans to unwind with a movie this month.