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Why 'being ready for a relationship' is a myth.
I've heard of many stories of people getting stuck in relationship limbo. This is when a 'couple' becomes more than friends but less than lovers, and their major reason for them not making things official is that they aren't ready
Know you have a lot to gain in committing.
1. Admit you have commitment issues.As with any other issue, the way to resolve it is to first admit it's an issue to you. Denying and lying to yourself that it doesn't exist may make you feel okay now,
If you feel that he's not as serious as you are with making your relationship work, chances are, he really isn't.
There are men who are quick to step up and form lasting relationships, and there are those who are a bit wary of even testing the waters. Fear of commitment isn't a sin. After all, everybody gets his or her share
I swear I want a real relationship, but I keep dating guys who are already taken.
Q: I'm 29, and I have been in two "real" relationships; however, I seem to follow a pattern when it comes to dating. It seems like the only men that are interested or that I am interested in are unavailable. Married
A guy opens up why some men are reluctant to couple up.
He earnestly listens to your stories, cracks you up like crazy, and makes you feel especially taken care of. This promising rapport between the two of you has been the norm for some months now, and you feel it's high time
Here are three ways to tell if the guy you're seeing won't be getting into a serious relationship with you anytime soon (or, at all).
He's a little too mysterious.The strong, silent type may be sexy, but a man who wants to get serious will open up about stuff like his family. If he doesn't, he's avoiding bonding so he can keep things
You think things are fine between you, then suddenly he's gone. Find out why some men just can't stay committed, and how you can spot them from the get-go.
Have you ever been with a guy who bolted without ever having sent up a red flare? Experts say some men seek out--consciously or subconsciously--shorter term, exclusive relationships for anywhere from two to 12 months, with no intention of going
Is he already thinking of long-term love? Or is he just ready for some short-term fun? Get some clues by taking this quiz!
Some of them may indicate that your romance is on rocky ground, while others can prove it's totally rock solid. Find out where you stand.
Navigating a relationship can sometimes feel like driving to an unknown destination without a map: perplexing, frustrating, and even scary. And, while you don't want to take the mystery out of your romantic life entirely (after all, occasional surprises keep things
You and your guy are great together, but he's starting to get distant and you have no idea why. Is he afraid of commitment? Find out!
You and your new man have gone from casual dating to bona fide coupledom when he suddenly starts acting jittery and distant...and you're left wondering What the hell did I do wrong? Well, probably nothing, at least in the rational
Everyone makes the mistake of trying to make things work with commitment-phobics. Our August Quickie Blogger reflects on her own relationships with for-now guys.