When it comes to zodiac compatibility, you've got options.
In astrology, each sign has an element (fire, water, earth, or air) a modality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable) and a polarity (masculine or feminine.) You can draw upon these qualities to determine if two signs work well together, or if they have
Really think about it: Are you and your guy total opposites? Find out how compatible you'll be in the long run.
Opposites do attract, but that doesn't mean they can stand each other once the novelty goes. Experts say only certain odd combos work. Here's the scoop on eight of them.Mismatch #1: He's in his 30s or up; you'
Wondering if your boyfriend or crush is really who the stars destined for you? Just for fun, click through the pages for your sign to find out!
ARIES (March 21-April 19)Aries and Aries: You may have to park your "woman on top" attitude if you want your relationship with an Aries man to work. As an Aries yourself, you know your sign has a natural inclination to
Cosmo.ph columnist Bianca Valerio discusses why people with similar personalities don't always make the best love match.
It makes perfect sense to be drawn to someone similar to you. Studies have shown that narcissistic individuals are often (unconsciously) attracted to those who have nearly the same physical attributes, mannerisms, and the like. It's almost like looking into a
Ready to take it to the next level with that guy you've been dating? Here's how to tell if you're actually compatible in bed!
1. Your voice changes.Talking in a deeper tone around him is a subconscious sign that he turns you on; on the other hand, if your voice gets higher than usual, you're feeling intimate. Both hint at a promising physical pairing.
A visit to his home gives you a whole new view of his long-term potential. How do your guy's living habits rate on the commitment scale? Take this quiz to find out!
Your sack sessions may not always be spectacular, but you CAN do something, in case your sex life starts getting problematic.
As a young, red-blooded couple, you should be having scorching sex on a regular basis, right? Well, the reality is, even the most solid couples reveal that they've had sexual trouble. "Being in a long-term relationship doesn't mean
Summer is supposed to be the time for sweeter, hotter lovin’. If any of these clues describe your coupled-up state, you may need to get nuttier to heat things up—PRONTO.
Is there animal magnetism between you and your man? Find out in our Chinese Zodiac compatibility chart (click through for your sign)!
Have fun seeing how compatible you are with the guy you've been eyeing by entering yours and his name in our fun FLAMES tool--digital version! Read bits of love advice, too. Try it!<br />
Are the stars aligned for you and your special someone? Find out in our zodiac compatibility chart. Click through for your sign.
ARIES With Aries: There's a tendency toward selfish love. You're both jealous creatures, so there may be quite a number of occasions wherein insecurity shows itself. There's bound to be a lot of passion and vocal
Newly dating? Here are a few early telltale signs that you click—and that he’s for keeps.
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