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Including a tennis player, gymnast, basketball phenom, and more.
ICYMI, Filipino-Japanese pro-golfer Yuka Saso just made history after bagging the title for the 76th US Women's Open. Yuka, who is only 19 years old, played against 22-year-old Nasa Hataoka of Japan. According to LPGA, Yuka
'There's definitely competition. But it never got nasty.'
From makeup to glass-blowing to baking, and lately, even social media, we've been given a myriad of choices for reality competition shows to binge on. But despite all this, I couldn't help but feel that we'
'Next In Fashion' could be your new fave show to binge-watch!
Whether you are in the mood to watch a good style showdown or you secretly have dreams of becoming a professional designer (it's not too late to chase after that goal!), there's a new fashion competition in town
'We’re changing out of our swimsuits and into a whole new era.'
Yesterday, the Miss America Organization announced that the competition will no longer have a swimsuit portion and will strive to be more inclusive of women of all sizes.Miss America 2018 Cara Mund tweeted this earlier today:And Gretchen Carlson, chairman of
Join Avon, the company for women, in helping break the cycle of domestic abuse through their "Speak Out" campaign.
Domestic violence is a devastating reality that affects Filipino homes, yet it's not a topic that is easily brought up in casual conversation. It goes beyond physical abuse, and can even affect young people who are forced to suffer in silence.
These out-of-bed activities with your man may seem pretty tame to you, but they actually make your bond under the sheets as sizzling as ever.
1. Whip out the broom.A recent study found that men who do more work around the house have more sex. "Watching your guy pitch in makes you want to get closer to him," says Linda Miles, PhD, author of Friendship On
Let's talk business. Cosmo asked stylish business-minded college students and career-driven office girls what they would sell if they had an online store.
Cosmo chicks aspire to excel in everything they put their hearts into, be it fashion, relationships, career, or business. They do this with their unique brand of fun, fearless flair, accompanied by their smarts and determination to met this
Shu Uemura names the artists who will be creating trend-setting looks at the conclusion of their makeup competition.
A beauty editor once said, "There's enough room for everybody" in the beauty industry. Which is probably why we never run out of fresh local talents doing fabulous faces for our magazine pages, advertisements, television, not to mention pegs for makeup
Some situations call for sincere humility. Learn how to deflate that ego and win without being too aggressive.
Guys came to watch THE game; Cosmo came to find THE CUTE GUYS--even in the rain!
Cosmo goes where the hot boys are at! Last weekend, we scoped out the collegiate basketball scene.
There's nothing like school spirit (and hot cheerleaders) in gathering hot male students and alumni under one Dome!
Ever thought of using the silent treatment to reel your new guy in? It just might work. Spark your new man’s interest with these odd tactics.