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'I would delete your browser history for you.'
The media is an emotional minefield where one-dimensional and limiting portrayals of what it means to be a woman exist. This is dangerous because we start to believe that what we see in the media is the norm and that the
They'll make him smile. And melt.
We like compliments since they make us feel appreciated, loved, or desired; guys are no different. People have to be in the giving and receiving end to feel good about themselves especially when they're in a relationship. Here are the compliments
"I would trust you with my browser history."
When was the last time you received, or let's admit it, gave an honest-to-goodness compliment that doesn't have anything to do with a person's looks? If it's been a while, then you might want to take
Take it from a guy's perspective: next time, just say "thank you!"
It's been our experience that about 80% of the time we pay a woman a compliment, it doesn't go appreciated: from the dismissive wave of the hand and the rolling of eyes to sudden exclamations of "Hah!" to the self-
Cosmo Sutra positions aside, these easy yet no-fail tricks will make him more pumped up to please you in the bedroom.
Describe A Sexy DreamTell your guy that you had a dream about him--even if you didn't. He'll ask what it was about, so say it's still hazy but you think you were having crazy sex in the kitchen.
Feel that electrifying rush you associate with new love <i>again</i> with these simple tips.
1. Give good ear.Not all of his interests will fascinate you, but spend some time listening to something that's important to him. "When you engage in a topic you usually dismiss, it reconnects you," says Susan Heitler, PhD, author of
These phrases will flatter your man and strengthen your relationship with him.
1. "How did I get so lucky?"Often, you may take for granted what a good thing you have going. This lets him know that you still realize you've hit the jackpot with him.2. "I have so much fun with
She may be in her best shape now, but the health-conscious actress has learned to swear off crash diets and delight in the joys of indulgence.
Does your guy hold back on praises? Cosmo teaches you how to prod him into giving you the ear candy you deserve.
Dish It First"Boost your man's ego and he's more likely to verbalize what he likes about you," says Terrence Real, PhD, author of How Can I Get Through to You? Something like "Your butt looks hot" should loosen his