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She *loves* playing lawyers!
There are so many ways that you can describe veteran star Kim Hyun Joo. Other than being a talented actress whose string of work started in the 90s, the 44-year-old is also an author, a singer, and even a goodwill
Remember her as Gu Jun Pyo's older sister in 'Boys Over Flowers?'
ICYDK, it's been a great couple of years for Netflix original Korean dramas and films. K-content has been dominating the global streaming platform with the likes of the zombie drama Kingdom and the recent global hit Squid Game. It&#
He won a Baeksang for his first-ever lead role!
While we all love our OG K-drama oppas, the beautiful world of Korean dramas has introduced us to more promising actors through the years. Arguably the most versatile of this new generation of actors is Jang Ki Yong. The model-turned-
You'll never guess his ~real name~!
In a K-pop world filled with so many good-looking idols, Rowoon of South Korean boy group SF9 is widely popular for his godly visuals (his nickname is literally *face genius*). But more than just a pretty face, Rowoon is actually
Do you remember him in 'Descendants Of The Sun?'
Long-time fans know how rare it is to see foreign actors with significant roles in K-dramas and movies. So it's certainly a pleasant surprise to see India-born actor Anupam Tripathi in the hit South Korean series Squid
Find out which NCT Members you share an MBTI Personality Type with!
Analyzing personality types is something Koreans use as a loose blueprint to understand or gauge their compatibility level with another person. It's something that also applies to the general K-pop fandom since it's a way for us
She says her best qualities are being super positive and joyful!
It's been a month since the release of hit Netflix series Squid Game and we're still not over it! The series has achieved global success and has catapulted its talented actors to instant stardom. Lee Yoo Mi, who
*Gasps* His parents were initially against his decision to pursue acting!
Korean-Canadian Ahn Hyo Seop is the full package: singer, dancer, actor, and host. Oh, and did we mention his *dreamy* boy-next-door good looks? At the age of 17, Hyo Seop left Canada to pursue an entertainment career in South
She has her own travel reality show!
With more than 50 dramas and films under her belt, Kim Yoo Jung is easily one of the most successful Korean actresses of her generation. With such an *impressive* filmography, can you believe she's only 22 years old? Dubbed as
He learned how to play the piano for the show!
Hospital Playlist's *adorable* piano-playing OB-GYN doctor Yang Seok Hyung is played by none other than Kim Dae Myung. He started his 15-year career as a theater actor and soon became in-demand for his portrayal of complex
She has an upcoming series with Son Ye Jin!
Jeon Mi Do might be a *newcomer* in the world of K-dramas and movies but don't let that fool you. She's a multi-awarded theater actress with an impressive 15-year career. Some of her most notable
She is a master of cute facial expressions and gestures!
Amongst thousands of Korean celebrities, Hyeri of the OG girl group Girl's Day stands out as a multi-talented star. She has had a pretty impressive 11-year-long career, dipping her toes in various fields like singing, dancing, hosting,
She has captured everyone's hearts (including Dr. Ahn Jeong Won's)!
The year 2020 blessed us with the slice-of-life medical drama Hospital Playlist and the duo we all loved to ship-the Winter Garden Couple! One-half of the duo is Dr. Jang Gyeo Ul, played by Shin Hyun Bin. She
Yup, she's Lee Do Hyun's new leading lady!
Budding actress Go Min Si is currently taking viewers on an *emotional* roller coaster ride by starring as Kim Myung Hee in the romantic melodrama Youth Of May. K-drama fans are going ~crazy~ over the undeniable chemistry between her and fellow
She's dubbed as an 'actress chameleon' by Korean media!
Shin Hyun Bin might have just entered the radar of K-drama fans in 2020 as third-year resident Jang Gyeo Wool in the hit medical drama Hospital Playlist, but did you know that she already has 11 years of acting experience
It was an exhausting—but very fulfilling—experience!
Last September, I finally decided to register as a voter for the 2022 elections. Unlike most people, I had a series of unfortunate events and it took me three days to become a registered voter. Let me share my exhausting (but very
Samgyup date with PSJ, please!
Admit it: Your K-drama obsession is responsible for your samgyupsal cravings! Fortunately, more samgyup restaurants are now within reach and even offer ready-to-cook meat for takeout or delivery. They also come with assorted banchan or side dishes for the