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These are my ride-or-die pieces!
Hello there! Here's something you should know about me: I don't consider myself very girly, nor do I think of myself as a tomboy either. I wasn't very much into fashion and makeup growing up. I remember going
The dreamy vibe is just *chef's kiss*!
If you're like most people at madalas kang tumambay sa TikTok, you would notice that a lot of styles have been cropping up recently. There's Y2K, cottagecore, e-girl, and of course, the aesthetic that we'll be ~*dissecting*~ today:
Learn more about these ladies and the community they built!
When the lockdowns started last year, Pinays have found plenty of ways to keep themselves entertained at home. Some became halamoms and home bakers, while others took advantage of this time to work on themselves. You must have seen stories of ladies
'I woke up one day and decided to dress up not for anyone but myself.'
Growing up, I have always been the "chubby" kid. I've been told to watch the food I eat and to put clothes meant for skinny girls back on the rack. For a long time, these comments affected the way I presented
'I listen to my skin a lot.'
I'm Ravy Nopuente, and I work as a freelance artist and Twitch streamer. My stream consists of playing games or creating art, which means I stay in front of my computer screen for several hours. I have to look presentable on
Can't live without these, TBH!
Like most people, I learned a lot about myself while in quarantine. Staying at home gave me the opportunity to truly work on and get to know myself better. And I know this may sound weird, but one of the main things
It's super gentle on the complexion.
Listen, I get it. Coming up with a skincare routine for sensitive skin can be a huge pain in the ass. It can get frustrating because having this skin type means dealing with not only the usual issues-like acne, oiliness, and
Mirrors are my new BFF.
I think we can all agree that no two Tiktok "For You" pages are alike. That said, mine is full of K-pop crack videos, astrology roasts, and #Dracotok-just to name a few! Normally, as I descend down my Tiktok rabbit
I am now more confident with my bare face!
As a theater actor before the pandemic, I was always wearing heavy makeup while doing the choreography under intense stage lighting. It's safe to say my skin hasn't always been in the best condition. Looking back, my face was
But can it survive WFH, errands, and workouts?
It has been a year since most of us started working from home. Personally, I have been letting my skin breathe, adjusting my makeup routine from a full face for night outs to a stay-at-home *cover and enhance* routine.This
I did three tests in the name of ~science~.
Let's rewind to what my life was like pre-COVID: I was busy with theater shows, Poblacion nights with friends, and occasionally, a date with a cute guy. With all of this going on, you bet I was on-point, especially
Perfect for busy girls!
Hello there! When you meet me, the first thing you'll notice is my *bright* blonde hair. But it might surprise you to know that my friends' personal experiences caused me to be scared of reaching for the bleach before,
It's super easy!
As I was born with thick kilay, I am blessed enough not to need too many products for my arches. Before the pandemic, I would rely on waxing professionals to keep them groomed since they know the shape that flatters my face
Quick and easy!
One thing you should know about me: I've had long hair for as long as I can remember. I love it because the styling opportunities for this length are *endless*! And since I have thick locks, I invest in certain
Oppa na lang ang kulang!
While glass skin is a recurring trend in K-dramas, we want to take things up a notch by paying attention to and decoding the makeup looks of our favorite characters. P.S. It's okay if you don't own the
Plus, there’s a cute butterfly crown!
Do you catch yourself mindlessly saving a lot of Instagram filters lately? I can't blame you because they're so fun to play with! There are tons of options available, from makeup, vintage camera effects, and even Q and A ones.
Here's a list of the best matte lippies with a modern twist.
Tired of your usual cream, satin, and matte lippies? Allow us to draw your attention to a formula that's much more forgiving and comfortable: Mousse lipstick. Its whipped texture makes it stand out from other types of lipsticks in the
It doesn’t get any better than this!
Sunflower oil is one of the first all-around no-frills oils to enter the beauty market. It has been a godsend for many Pinays for some time now and it's easy to figure out why: The price (you can get