When it comes to having protected sex, many of us leave it up to the guy to know how to properly wear a condom. But what we're realizing is that men aren't as vigilant about it as they should be,
Don't be having sex for a bit AND THEN putting it on.
Using condoms (and therefore minimizing the risk of unwanted pregnancies and STDs wooooh!) seems pretty simple right? Pop one on the end of a penis and you're good to go? Well... not really, no. We hate to break it to you
They still have to talk about it.
On Saturday, December 17, the Department of Education (DepEd) clarified it has not yet allowed the Department of Health (DOH) to proceed with their plan of distributing condoms in schools next year. It may be recalled that on December 1, which is
Ugh, so annoying.
Some men (read: indecent a-holes) will always come up with an excuse not to wear a condom during sex. Although it might be true that it feels better without one, it also puts you both at risk for STDs or an
'I have never never seen a penis turn that color before.'
Before rolling out this horrifying list of attempted DIY condoms, allow me to clarify that there is no such thing as a DIY condom, because if it's DIY, it's NOT A CONDOM. If you use a thing that is not
And tons for you, Glen Coco.
Each Olympic athlete was given 42 condoms to last them two full weeks in Rio, meaning there are 450,000 condoms total designated for all of this year's ~*Olympic Games*~. It's unclear if the condoms in the bag Eric is
According to this study, yes.
Well, this is... unexpected. According to a new study conducted by researchers at Southampton and Bristol universities, heterosexual men are less likely to use a condom if they find their casual sexual partner attractive.The group of researchers surveyed 51 heterosexual men
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