'I'm really happy I have her to keep me in check.'
When it comes to relationships, it's always nice to find someone who challenges you to be better. Whether that means finding a partner who pushes you out of your comfort zone or just one who reminds you to shower once
One involved sex in a train!
You know that feeling post-breakup when your sex drive is suddenly out of control? (Just me? Not sorry.) It's like letting go of all that toxic energy awakens a sexual beast inside of you-and she's ready
You go, girls!
You've probably had that moment of reckoning in front of a mirror. It's the start of your day, and a small sliver of panic makes its way up your spine. A million questions run through your head: Bagay
What's it like to be addicted to K-drama and K-pop?
Like a lot of women (and men, too!), I have fallen into the recent K-wave, or hallyu, "the global pop culture consumption of Korean products." This includes beauty, fashion, films, TV shows, and music. For those who have managed to avoid
Wedded bliss can get a little wild.
1. "It was my best friend's wedding. She was marrying a twin. I had a few drinks and started making out with who I thought was the groom's twin. As he was undressing me my best friend walks in. I
We got 10 real women to spill how they lost their virginity, from canoodling on campus to dalliances with older dudes to run-ins with the law (for real!).
Gonna give you all my love, boy / My fear is fading fast / Been saving it all for you / 'Cause only love can last-so croons Madonna in her classic ditty about getting freaky, "Like a Virgin."But any girl who has ever
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