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These tweaks to your body language have such a positive impact, you'll instantly look and feel like you can handle anything.
1. Flash a genuine smile (one that forms crinkles at the corners of your eyes and mouth). It is disarming and has been proven to boost your mood. 2. To ace the handshake, focus on firmly directing the up-and-down movement
Find out which of our self-improvement stories Cosmo girls turned to the most to help them get more confident, healthy, successful, and happy.
One of the things that makes Cosmo unique is our dedication to helping you live your life to the fullest, and not just in terms of your relationships. Consider us your best girlfriend, someone whom you can always turn to for advice
Improve your social skills with these simple tricks for attracting the attention of others.
1. Improve your posture. In a study, those with good posture were deemed to be more exciting than slumpers. Set your stance by pressing your upper back against a wall, then work to maintain the position.2. Maintain eye contact.Many people
You'll be meeting lots of hot guys this summer, so don't be afraid to make the first move! Here are a few tricks to doing it without coming on too strong.
1. Invite him to join you for a low-key group activity: "I'm going to a party next Saturday. Want to come along?" It's more casual than asking him on a date-date (for example, going to dinner), but still
Stop being self-conscious during sex; follow these six tips to get that sex goddess vibe the moment you enter the bedroom.
1. Undress Slooowly.When you're self-conscious, the impetus is to get your bare bod under the sheets--stat. But, spend at least five seconds removing each article of clothing one by one. "It's enticing eye candy for him to
Here are simple things any girl can do to create an alluring, mysterious vibe.
Have a habit of backing out of rooms so guys don't ogle your backside? Well, you're about to trade that kind of behavior for a look-at-me-I'm-hot act. Use these moves to kick-start your confidence
To columnist Bianca Valerio, haute heels are more than just a fashion statement. They allow you to walk away from failed relationships in style.
One of the main reasons we find ourselves afraid of walking away from a relationship is we are reluctant to face change. We fear the unknown that the future brings. So, even if it means we must put up with unhappiness for
You're probably welcoming 2010 with one bash after another. Cosmo arms you with exclusive party tips to make the most of the next one you’re attending.
At every New Year's bash worth its margarita salt, there are fascinating social dynamics at work that can either impede or present hot opportunities. We mapped out how you can determine if a sexy guest is available, meet people when