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You might want to switch to glasses for now.
If you aren't blessed with perfect vision and hate having to wear glasses on a daily basis, you might prefer wearing contact lenses instead of spectacles. But with the alarming prevalence of COVID-19 in the country and all over
Trust me: Even if the box says it’s okay, you should never do this.
I have been wearing contact lenses for more than 20 years. And like most humans, I haven't always followed the best practices when it comes to my eye health. I used to wear my contacts for way too long and would
It's easier than you think!
Whether you actually need them or you just want to be gray-eyed for a day, let Pinay online influencer Raiza Contawi show you how to wear contact lens: VIDEO: Trina Elefante, Jean Saturnino MAKEUP: Raiza ContawiFollow Tisha on Instagram.Follow Trina
This is a contact lens removal PSA.
Like removing your makeup before going to bed or drinking water throughout the day, taking out your contact lenses should be a part of any lens-wearer's daily routine. It's a small inconvenience, but let one woman's horror story
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on July 7, 2017!
1 Last night, the trailer of the new John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo movie, Finally Found Someone, was revealed, and the teaser was so bitin! It starts with Sarah crying in public about some guy named Randy, and when John Lloyd'
Your questions about laser eye surgery, answered!
Cosmo Quickie: This story at a glance!***Have you ever just wanted to fall asleep right after a night out with the girls-only to realize you haven't taken out your contacts? Or placed your glasses down for JUST ONE SECOND
If you're squeamish-especially when it comes to anything related to eyes-then brace yourself, because this is grim. As reported by The Liverpool Echo, 23-year-old Meabh McHugh-Hill nearly lost her sight when she kept her contact
Consider this before buying your fancy dress costume.
Colored contact lenses are the finishing touch to any great Halloween outfit, yet experts are warning about the dangers of the fancy dress accessory, as they could be harming our eyes.According to the College of Optometrists, the patterned lenses which usually
Like "cleaning them" in your mouth. No, no, no, no, no.
Once you get over the rather horrifying prospect of putting a piece of plastic onto the surface of your eyeball, it can be easy to feel like you, contact lens wearer, are invincible. Now that you can see without glasses on, you
You might want to give it a shot.
When Selena Gomez walked on the red carpet for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last month, people noticed that something was a little different with the pop star:Not long after her her VS Fashion show gig, Selena made another appearance,
And other beauty things girls who wear contact lens need to know.
1. Start with your contacts already in. Always insert your contacts before you put any beauty product on your face. And please, WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE PUTTING ON YOUR LENSES.2. Choose oil-free products. Be very particular about the products you
You actually have more bacteria in your eyes.
Do you ALWAYS wash your hands before putting on and removing your lenses? Yes? Yes? We sure hope so.New research from the NYU Langone Medical Center has found that people who wear contact lenses have more different types of bacteria in
Getting dirt/dust/an eyelash stuck in your eyes and trying your best to stay cool because you are in the middle of something important.
1. Constantly trying to remember when your pair will expire. You know you should really write the dates down, but you NEVER DO.2. The pain of shelling out a huge amount of money for lenses, solution, and drops. Yeah, don't
Because diamonds are a girl's best friend.
Would you be interested in putting on contact lenses that have diamonds in them? Because eye bling is something you can actually buy in India.Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan of India's Shekhar Eye Research Center is now selling fancy new eye jewelry
Eye safety first, Cosmo girls.
You know how particular you are about the skincare and makeup products you apply on your face? You have to be even pickier when it comes to choosing which lenses you put in your eyes, too. And since the doll-eyed look