Your questions about laser eye surgery, answered!
Cosmo Quickie: This story at a glance!***Have you ever just wanted to fall asleep right after a night out with the girls-only to realize you haven't taken out your contacts? Or placed your glasses down for JUST ONE SECOND
If you're squeamish-especially when it comes to anything related to eyes-then brace yourself, because this is grim. As reported by The Liverpool Echo, 23-year-old Meabh McHugh-Hill nearly lost her sight when she kept her contact
Consider this before buying your fancy dress costume.
Colored contact lenses are the finishing touch to any great Halloween outfit, yet experts are warning about the dangers of the fancy dress accessory, as they could be harming our eyes.According to the College of Optometrists, the patterned lenses which usually
You have to be REALLY careful.
Celebs love colored contacts as a quick and easy way to seriously change up their look. But are they safe to try? And how do you get your hands on a pair? Read on to find out if they'll work for
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