Now you know what to buy on payday!
ICYMI, Careline now has multi-purpose makeup called Multi Sticks! The line, which is totes giving us millennial vibes, includes two cheek colors (Rose and Peach), contouring, brightening, and highlighting shades (Contour, Brighten, and Strobe). They also have a primer/pore minimizer (
Contouring ain't just for the Kardashians.
You may think kontouring contouring is only for the Kardashians, but this technique adds a wow factor to any everyday or party look. The face tends to look "flat" (which is quite unflattering) after applying foundation, so bringing back the shadows and
You literally just draw and blend!
Let's be real here: contouring is hard. Whenever we try to do it, we honestly question our makeup skills.If you're tired of having to play the guessing game every time you want to sculpt your face, why
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