"I'm so sorry, babe. Here's a chocolate lava cake I baked for you from scratch."
1. He'll impress your friends and family. Invite him to prepare a Sunday lunch and watch as everyone melts into the palm of his knife-handling hands. No more mom complaining about the help's mediocre cooking. No more calling in
They're perfect!
There are many ways to make the perfect scrambled egg. Food52 lists three: the low and slow method that yields creamy custard-y eggs with tiny curds; the rogue method that yields fluffy eggs with cooked whites and runny yolks; and the
Because most of the time, your couch looks more inviting than your kitchen.
Next time you want to be a domestic goddess, you'll be a little more inspired because seriously, it's so easy. Here's a cheat sheet for you: 1. Salt, pepper, and dried herbs give lots of flavor. Salt and pepper
This former Cosmo Online Hunk, hot chef and bar owner is single and sooo ready to mingle. Find out where you'll spot him today. Plus, view behind-the-scenes photos from his latest Cosmo shoot.
We've been reading your Tweets about how much you love Jose Sarasola's Valentine's Day tips in his Whip It Up feature, found on p. 146 of this month's issue of Cosmopolitan. The celebrity chef and entrepreneur (his bar
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