She prefers it to any fancy restaurant.
If you fangirl over Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's relationship as much as we do, you'll probably know that the ex-One Direction singer previously admitted he likes to woo the Victoria's Secret model with his cooking.Which might
While some people have been hooked by the tale, there are those who think there's something fishy (pun intended) about the story.
Singapore-based site Stomp recently reported that a Malaysian woman named Pauline Pau found herself in hot water after their Indonesian domestic helper ended up cooking a family member's pet fish.In her December 26 Facebook post, Pau related that she
It helps that he's a pro in the kitchen.
While you might assume the way to a world-famous supermodel's heart is a plentiful supply of designer shoes and handbags, Zayn Malik has revealed that isn't the way he likes to woo Gigi Hadid.Instead, the 23-year-old
Instant noodles for dinner?
1. Those cooking videos all over Facebook just make you sad because you know you can never recreate them. There are 10 different ingredients and multiple steps involved? Nope, that's not going to happen.2. Your fridge is basically empty at
Most importantly: food, delicious food.
I didn't start cooking until I had graduated from college; as a kid, the one attempt I made at playing around in the kitchen ended up making a disgusting gloopy mess in the microwave and my older brother practically laughed me
Nothing fancy over here!
Turning 30 is a milestone for many: it often means items ticked off a bucket list and fewer life goals to work on. And while we think you don't need to be a chef-in-training by the time you hit
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