Cooking bagoong never looked this chic!
In her latest vlog, Heart Evangelista invited her dad, Reynaldo Ongpauco, and sisters, Camille and Mich, to cook their dad's top-secret bagoong recipe. It's a labor of love-their dad would continuously stir the bagoong for two to three
This is a game changer.
If there's one thing we're good at, it's eating cheese. So for anyone to even suggest we're doing it wrong, is quite frankly an insult.But considering a viral video that's making
She prefers it to any fancy restaurant.
If you fangirl over Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's relationship as much as we do, you'll probably know that the ex-One Direction singer previously admitted he likes to woo the Victoria's Secret model with his cooking.Which might
While some people have been hooked by the tale, there are those who think there's something fishy (pun intended) about the story.
Singapore-based site Stomp recently reported that a Malaysian woman named Pauline Pau found herself in hot water after their Indonesian domestic helper ended up cooking a family member's pet fish.In her December 26 Facebook post, Pau related that she
It helps that he's a pro in the kitchen.
While you might assume the way to a world-famous supermodel's heart is a plentiful supply of designer shoes and handbags, Zayn Malik has revealed that isn't the way he likes to woo Gigi Hadid.Instead, the 23-year-old
Instant noodles for dinner?
1. Those cooking videos all over Facebook just make you sad because you know you can never recreate them. There are 10 different ingredients and multiple steps involved? Nope, that's not going to happen.2. Your fridge is basically empty at
Most importantly: food, delicious food.
I didn't start cooking until I had graduated from college; as a kid, the one attempt I made at playing around in the kitchen ended up making a disgusting gloopy mess in the microwave and my older brother practically laughed me
Nothing fancy over here!
Turning 30 is a milestone for many: it often means items ticked off a bucket list and fewer life goals to work on. And while we think you don't need to be a chef-in-training by the time you hit
Here's a recipe shared by part-Pinay sisters Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley, who are bestselling authors of 'The Art Of Eating Well.'
Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley are part Pinay and English food enthusiasts hailing from London, and whose cooking has taken the food and health and wellness industry by storm. The duo have cooked for celebrities, and they've created the menus for
Cheese omelette, anyone? Done in less than two minutes!
Every tamad girl knows how tedious it is to wake up at an ungodly hour in the a.m. for work, choose a decent outfit, and put on your face in five minutes. Who has time for breakfast, right? Well, you can
"I'm so sorry, babe. Here's a chocolate lava cake I baked for you from scratch."
1. He'll impress your friends and family. Invite him to prepare a Sunday lunch and watch as everyone melts into the palm of his knife-handling hands. No more mom complaining about the help's mediocre cooking. No more calling in
These tricks will make your life SO much easier.
Cooking definitely has its perks. It lets us choose ingredients that are good for our body, and allot serving sizes so we won't overeat or waste leftovers. P.S. It also means we get to host parties or prepare special dishes
Because most of the time, your couch looks more inviting than your kitchen.
Next time you want to be a domestic goddess, you'll be a little more inspired because seriously, it's so easy. Here's a cheat sheet for you: 1. Salt, pepper, and dried herbs give lots of flavor. Salt and pepper
Meet the charming radio personality and health-conscious chef who both made it to our annual list of admirable women. Watch their shoot footage and interviews here!
Want to live a healthier lifestyle? Be inspired by this Fun, Fearless Female Awardee who has made it her mission to spread the word on healthy eating.
We've been told time and time again to watch what we eat. And while indulging in fast food every now and then isn't a bad thing, the best way to care for your body is to be aware of the
Get hooked on the latest drama, reality, and lifestyle programs to hit the small screen.
Staying home and being a couch potato this summer won't be a bummer with all the exciting new television programs on local cable channels. Here are three shows that will soon get you hooked:1. The FirmWhen to catch it: Sundays
This former Cosmo Online Hunk, hot chef and bar owner is single and sooo ready to mingle. Find out where you'll spot him today. Plus, view behind-the-scenes photos from his latest Cosmo shoot.
We've been reading your Tweets about how much you love Jose Sarasola's Valentine's Day tips in his Whip It Up feature, found on p. 146 of this month's issue of Cosmopolitan. The celebrity chef and entrepreneur (his bar
Got a passion you want to pursue? Be inspired by this fearless woman who followed her gut and entered the culinary world she always craved.
The New Year calls for a new outlook on life, doesn't it? So, if you've ever dreamt of taking a sabbatical from your 9-to-5, well, by all means, go for it! If you've got the balls, or
'Tis the season to know your way around the kitchen! These celebs will help you out on GMA News TV 11's fun cooking show, <i>Sarap At Home.</i>
This holiday season, we dare you, Cosmo chicks, to not only have Christmas ham, queso de bola, fruit cake, roast chicken or maybe lechon for your Noche Buena, and instead cook your own masterpieces, as well! You don't even have to
You can have unique cuisine from Spain, India, Italy, and Germany right in your own home. Be inspired by these dishes made with ingredients from the supermarket!
You don't always have to eat out to enjoy different cuisines. Put your culinary skills to use and add some exciting new elements to your dishes. Why not have a candlelit Italian dinner at home with your man? Or, why don'
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