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'These are the immigrants currently saving people's lives.'
British journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan praised and thanked Filipino nurses, calling them the "unsung heroes" of the United Kingdom in the fight to combat COVID-19.Talking to his Good Morning Britain co-host Susana Reid during their April 7,
'Pasensya na.'
Truth be told, there is sooo much information to unload every hour of every single day now that the whole world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. And living in the age of social media does as much harm as it does
Two words: Not. Cool.
I understand that one way people are coping with the current coronavirus pandemic is by making light of a bad situation. But it's a different story when someone outright lies about having the virus as a joke. Sadly, this is
Some of these are quite surprising!
So if you're privileged enough to find yourself with so much free time because of the enhanced community quarantine, then today must be Day XX of you wasting away in front of the screen watching Netflix. RIGHT? Right. And since
We're hoping to see more of these in different LGUs!
If you're closely following how Metro Manila LGUs have been responding to the enhanced community quarantine brought about by COVID-19, then you probably know that there have been several mayors who have raised the bar when it comes to
He's finally legit!
With his many innovative and proactive measures to fight the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has become quite the internet celebrity. Being tagged as a "millennial mayor," the 30-year-old public servant heavily relies on social media
'Tell everybody in the Philippines that we love them, we miss them.'
ABS-CBN actress Angelica Panganiban was left speechless after her Instagram video call with Hollywood actor and Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto.Jared was doing a live video for his followers on Instagram on Wednesday, March 25, and Angelica was
There's some good content coming, people.
Looking for reading material in 2020? Perfect! Let me upgrade your Zoom book club with a list of movies based on books coming out in 2020. If we're all hanging inside for the foreseeable future, you might as well make
They are use their resources to extend the help they can to those in need.
The enhanced community quarantine, enacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been affecting many Filipinos, from frontliners working tirelessly to help infected individuals to people who have lost their sources of income. On the upside, we have also seen many who
Arth Bryan Celeste is the youngest elected mayor in the country.
Alaminos City Mayor Arth Bryan Celeste, 23, is presently the youngest mayor in the country.A year after his graduation from De La Salle University in Manila, he followed in the footsteps of his father, Arthur Celeste, who served as mayor of
The K-drama actor's upcoming movie, 'Bogota', temporarily suspended production due to COVID-19.
Song Joong Ki is now in self-quarantine for two whole weeks after returning home from Colombia where production of his highly anticipated film, Bogotá, took place.The rest of the cast and crew, including co-star Lee Hee Joon, will also
'Angel Locsin swallowing her pride just as easily as she swallowed her Darna stone. I stan a true kween!'
Angel Locsin is no longer playing the Pinay superheroine but a lot of netizens still refer to her as Darna for the way she voices out her opinions and gives help to others.This happened on March 25, when Angel expressed her
The mayor said he plans to create mobile palengkes for Valenzuela City, modeled after Pasig City's initiative.
As the fight against the spread of COVID-19 continues in the Philippines, local government units (LGUs) have rolled out different efforts to address problems their respective cities and municipalities are experiencing. Netizens have taken to social media to salute various city
'I feel for him kasi kailangan niyang gawin yung trabaho niya sa community.'
It's been a real tough time for everyone around the world as we fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. But the people who serve in the battlegrounds are our dear frontliners (doctors, nurses, police, and the like) who risk their
It's actually their second time to tie the knot!
Jinri Park and non-showbiz partner John exchanged wedding vows for the second time.On March 21, Saturday, the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and her husband got married in Australia, where John grew up.Jinri shared the news on her Instagram
'I don't give a F about your freedom. You could be infecting other people.'
You know how Lost actress Evangeline Lilly recently declared that she wouldn't be self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that it could literally save lives? Yeah, well, among those deeply unimpressed by that line of thinking appears
It takes effect today.
Nowadays, it seems that you always have to be watching your phone for updates on everything. One minute, you need a quarantine pass, the next minute, you don't; one minute you're on community quarantine, the next you'
'Our share, no matter how big or small, will go a long way.'
Hello, everyone! Here's a piece of good news to cap off the week: Maine Mendoza just set up a "DoNation Drive" in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know by now, the entire Luzon island is on
'Some people value freedom over their lives.' Girl, I—
Hoo, boy. This coronavirus pandemic has some celebrities acting all kinds of reckless! First Vanessa Hudgens claimed that people dying from the virus was "inevitable," then Gal Gadot subjected us to her and her celeb friends' cover of "Imagine", and now
Such an *inspiration*!
Bela Padilla has been making our hearts burst this past week with all the good deeds she's been doing in light of the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon. To fight the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), work is