She took to Instagram to react to recent events.
You guys, Nadine Lustre has spoken out against the PH government's response to the current pandemic. In a series of Instagram Stories today, Nadine wrote, "Kahapon lang April Fools, pero bakit parang ilang weeks na tayong naglolokohan?! COVID exposed the
It's for 'non-emergency' cases!
The current lockdown has created a number of challenges for Filipinos, and online communities have formed to help alleviate the situation-from the youth sharing tips on grocery shopping and cooking to a Facebook group that lets you buy canceled orders and
'It doesn't really matter to us if you were not impressed.'
Angel Locsin and her fiancé Neil Arce have been busy helping frontliners and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, the couple set up air-conditioned sleeping tents for healthcare workers, with the help of fellow celebrities. Angel also asked the
'The coronavirus has an incubation period of two to 14 days.'
The 2018 Korean drama My Secret Terrius has been trending on social media in the midst of the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-2019) pandemic.It is because of a scene in the first season's 10th episode. A doctor talks to
It's totally okay if you're not ready to dance yet!
You've seen your friends' TikTok videos, and you've watched your favorite celebs ~slay~ at making those dance covers. You've even downloaded the app and created your own TikTok account. NOW, it's time to
Happy 24th birthday, Kath!
Kathryn Bernardo is celebrating her 24th birthday today! While we all know how awesome and kindhearted she is, what we didn't know-until today-is that she has been low-key sending food to hospitals and barangays amid the COVID-
Contestants aren't normally told about anything that happens in the outside world.
Earlier this month, Time Magazine reported that contestants of the German version of reality show Big Brother, Big Brother Deutschland, had not heard about the outside world since the show began filming on February 6! Four contestants who entered the German Big
Checkpoint and temperature reading—but make it aesthetic.
The COVID-19 outbreak has been a show of strength for the country's different leaders. (Yep, we've even rounded up those who are doing it a lot better than others.) Now, even cities have become involved. Take, for
The country's population is over 1.3 billion people.
India, the planet's second most populated country with over 1.3 billion people, is now under lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The measure was announced by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, and according to a report by CNN, it
If you're still confused, check out this guide.
Since the government implemented an enhanced community quarantine over Luzon, we still see debates on social media about who are exempted and who are allowed to go out of their homes aside from one person per household who will buy necessities.To
An alarming amount of frontliners have been quarantined or diagnosed with COVID-19.
Four Metro Manila hospitals, some of the best in the country, have reached full capacity due to the influx of confirmed COVID-19 cases and patients under investigation (PUIs). These hospitals, which will no longer be accepting COVID-19 PUIs and patients,
'Free mass testing is just as important as the quarantine.'
With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the whole world, local celebrities are joining the call to implement free mass testing here in the Philippines. On March 14, Bianca Gonzalez wrote: "I really hope budget is released for the production of more testing
The 'real-life Darna' is here!
Angel Locsin is always ready to personally extend a helping hand to people in need. Amid the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the actress, together with her fiancé Neil Arce and wedding coordinator La Belle Fete, has set up air-conditioned sleeping tents
'That's what's most important for everyone who wants to get into government: kung malinis talaga yung intention.'
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, mayor Vico Sotto has more than proven himself. He set up disinfecting tents around the city, distributed around 1,000 disinfecting equipment, and supported health workers and frontliners, to name a few. It's
They've already reached P1.45 million!
OPM band Ben&Ben has announced that they will be holding a performance on March 27, at 7:00 p.m. The event, officially called Puhon: A Ben&Ben FB Live Event For The COVID-19 Efforts, aims to raise funds to
Not everything you read is true.
With almost as much unproven coronavirus information flying around as the bug itself, it's easy to get caught up in spiraling fears about how doomed we all are in the midst of this pandemic.But it's more important
In case you're looking for one.
Anxiety is a regular occurrence for lots of people, while for others it may be relatively new-perhaps brought on by the coronavirus pandemic that's spreading fear and catastrophe almost as quickly as the bug itself. But rather than spending
We prepared a list of groups and their contact details!
We Filipinos are known for being resilient. But perhaps our best trait in times of crisis is our bayanihan spirit. Whatever happens, we always have each other's backs, and we would gladly go out of our way to support and
The service is currently being offered to designated hospitals for free.
The outbreak of the coronavirus has taken the whole world by storm. As of writing, cases have surpassed 200,000 with over 8,000 deaths. But, things may be looking up soon. Japanese scientists are closing in on a flu drug, and
And why you *really* need to wash your hands for 20 seconds.
You've probably heard it a million times at this point, but in case you needed another reminder: Washing your hands is one of the most effective way to kill and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. You literally just have to
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