In case you missed this year's hottest event, we make sure you get to catch up! Watch the rehearsal video we played at the finale, when all the men came out on the ramp!
Watch behind-the-scenes footage of the Bachelor shoots of hot celebs Mike Tan, Dex Quindoza, Geoff Taylor, Benedict Campos, Jaco Benin, Rodjun Cruz, Lucky Mercado, and Markki Stroem!
We shoot more Bachelors by the pool, and you know what that means: we get to see their hot, half-naked bods in all their gorgeous, tanned glory!
Missed the HOTTEST party of the year? Watch this sneak preview of our video coverage of last night's BEYOND HOT Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011!
This time, we get our bachelors really wet for the pages of Cosmo Men by making them plunge into a pool! Watch the sexy behind-the-scenes video.
Watch the second part of our Cosmo Bachelor shoot where we got loads of swoon-worthy men to take their shirts off by the pool!
Imagine a yacht teeming with the hottest men in the land? We bring your sailing fantasies to life! Watch the first Cosmo Bachelor shoot for this year's sizzling September ish!
More hotties showed up at our doorstep to vie for a slot among this year's 69 hottest men. How did this batch fare? Watch this clip and be the judge.
Get a sneak peek at how Cosmo selects the 69 bachelors--and what these men do while awaiting their turn! We got them to demo their "special talents"!
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