ICYMO: James Reid fell off the stage during his song number at the Bachelor Bash 2014.
Last night, September 24, 2014, during the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash held at the World Trade Center, actor James Reid, one of the ten Celebrity Centerfolds of COSMOMEN's September issue, fell during his walk down the runway.Cosmo.ph caught the accident
It's a tough job, but someone has to compile this list.
We compiled the best and biggest bulges spotted at the #Cosmo69 runway this year-because we know you cannot get enough of this. Neil Perez Kirst VirayDiego FuroniBenjamin AlvesGarret Zebley Geoff EigenmannIvo CalvacantiKelvin MangilitMiguel LasalaRyan Sy***Missed the Bachelor Bash 2014? You
Relive all the hot Centerfold highlights from the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014!
YES, these boys have been VERY bad, and we love it! In case you missed the Bachelor Bash, here's a recap of our 10 sizzling Centerfolds' walk down the Tower 69 runway. Click through the gallery to see Paulo Avelino, James
Here's a little teaser for you ladies who will be watching the Bash tonight!
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 24, 2014!
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Cosmo Bash Livestream starts at 8p.m. on September 24, 2014!
One way or another, you'll get to see Cosmo Tower 69 when it opens on September 24, 2014! You wouldn't wanna miss out on the action, so you better bookmark our livestreaming page HERE. And just in case you need
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