Cue the squeals and feels!
Oh, so you weren't able to attend the BIGGEST boyfriend buffet of the year? Yeah, well you'll probably regret that after you watch this:***Get your free COSMOMEN supplement featuring Daniel Matsunaga when you buy the September 2015 issue with
You're welcome!
Loved our slo-mo video of this year's Cosmo Carnival? Well, we also made GIFs of our favorite moments, just because!Zeus Collins opened the show with a hot dance number:Cosmo Bachelor alums Sam Ajdani, John Spainhour, and Vince Ferraren
Sexxxaaay music!
The 2015 Cosmo Carnival on September 5 at the MOA Concert Grounds wasn't only a luscious buffet of hunky men, but a show with a killer playlist. The crowd cheered on our 2015 Centerfolds as they stripped off to these super
Because everything just looks better in slo-mo, AMIRIGHT?
Missed out on the Cosmo Carnival held on September 5 at the MOA Concert Grounds? Or are you still hungover from the biggest boyfriend buffet this year? Either way, we've decided to treat you with this compilation of our favorite moments
So you won't have a bad case of #FOMO!
The Mall of Asia Concert Grounds couldn't contain all of your screams and shrieks during the 2015 Cosmo Carnival on September 5, Saturday. WHO COULD BLAME YOU, THOUGH? Seeing all these hot and sexy men relive your fantasies as they strutted
How low did they go?
Seeing all these sex cuts IRL during the first-ever Cosmo Carnival on Saturday, September 5, was one of the best parts of the show!So do scroll down and bask in the beauty of these male packages, delivered especially for you.
A first-person POV video featuring the hunks and games at the fun, flirty fete!
The Cosmo Bachelor Bash this year was held in the MOA Concert Grounds on September 5 as the first-ever #CosmoCarnival! Here's a video you'd definitely love to replay-it shows, after all, the biggest Boyfriend Buffet in the country!
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