Now, you can finally watch exclusive footage of this drop-dead gorgeous actor's super sexy Centerfold shoot and amusing interview.
This Brazilian made us swoon at his Cosmo Centerfold shoot, where he wore nothing but sexy trunks when he posed for us in a pool! His interview is guaranteed to make you giggle, too!
Enjoy this super cute <i>and</i> hot video of James during his Centerfold shoot, complete with a very candid interview. Swoon!
Get to know the HOT Azkals team captain in his video interview, and watch behind-the-scenes clips of his <i>rainy</i>Centerfold shoot!
The baby-faced cutie is now a full-fledged (hot) man! He was such a sensation at the Bachelor Bash; now watch Enrique go sexy as he gets wet for his Centerfold shoot.
It seems Enzo grew so fast right before our eyes, going from the heartthrob teenagers swoon over to the sexy stud now making Cosmo chicks melt! Watch his behind-the-scenes vid.
He made you swoon at the Bachelor Bash, now watch Ahron strip to his tighty whities at his Cosmo Centerfold shoot--all for your viewing pleasure.'ll get to watch behind-the-scenes footage of all 10 Centerfolds' shoots! The first one has to be that of Cosmo Men cover guy Phil Younghusband. It's worth the wait!
See all 10 Centerfolds (yes, including Phil and James Younghusband and Aly Borromeo!) in this swoon-inducing video that paved the way for the Centerfold segment of the Bash. It's a sneak peek at the vids you'll see here!
We know you love for a variety of reasons, but in case you need more, here's a <i>hunky</i> video we prepared for you--as our second anniv treat!
Missed the HOTTEST party of the year? Watch this sneak preview of our video coverage of last night's BEYOND HOT Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011!
If you missed last night's wet and wild show, we've got just the thing to quench your curiosity! See our photo gallery of event highlights!
Every September, Cosmo girls anticipate one thing only: the annual Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash, a live show featuring the hottest Bachelors, Centerfolds, celebrities, and models who star in every girl's fantasies! The boys took over the World Trade Center in Pasay City
We send our thoughts and prayers to the Younghusbands in this difficult time, and look back on their warm relationship with their family.
In times of personal tragedy, often the best we can do to console someone is by sending them our positive thoughts and prayers.It was reported that Phil and James Younghusband's mother, Susan Placer-Younghusband, passed away last Saturday due to
Ejay Falcon, Enrique Gil, Paulo Avelino, Ahron Villena, and Hideo Muraoka personally invite YOU to watch for the Bachelor Bash next week!
What's Phil's day like when not playing football? We tailed the two-time Cosmo Centerfold (and 2011 Cosmo Men cover guy!) for a day during his Haagen-Dazs shoot--and got an exclusive interview.
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