Our October Cosmo cover girl tells all!
Get to know major deets about Erich Gonzales' friendship with Julia Barretto-from their nicknames for each other to when they first became friends. VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda LopezVIDEO SHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteVIDEO EDITED BY: Pam Carlota Follow Jacinda
She's stronger than ever!
Erich Gonzales' transformation isn't only physical, but emotional as well. Let our October Cosmo cover girl tell you how it is:VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram.
For her Cosmo cover debut, Gabbi Garcia tells us who she really is in this behind-the-scenes clip.
VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Trina Elefante and Jana Jodloman Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram. Follow Trina on Instagram.
This will make your day.
Although watching Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico play an imitation game will make you LOL (like in all things these two do), it made us realize that this husband and wife tandem knows each other more than anyone else does. #kiligVIDEO: Jean
#SosBolz couldn't get any sweeter!
With all their LOL-able and kilig-filled social media posts that we play on loop on the regular, we decided to have our February Cosmopolitan cover stars Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico shoot their own BTS footage. We swear, this video
Her new year looks brighter than ever!
Our January Cosmo cover girl Kathryn Bernardo is starting her year big! Watch as Kath talks about what she wants this new year-her ultimate vacay spot, her 21st birthday plans, and her biggest dream for 2017!VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jean
New year, #AllNewCosmo!
With an #AllNewCosmo to kick off 2017, there was no one else but Kathryn Bernardo to start the year right.VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jean on Instagram.Follow Jacinda on Instagram.
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