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Congratulations, you guys!
Celeb couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young are now proud parents to a baby boy named Scott Knoa! According to Kryz's Instagram post today, their "little burrito" was born on June 2, 2020. He is just THE CUTEST. The couple
It's focused on soothing inflammation and redness.
Acne is just one of those annoying things in life we just have to deal with. It may come at unexpected times-before a meeting, a date, or an important event. Before you pop that zit in annoyance, know that there are
It's super easy to make!
What do you get when you combine melted chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers? The ooey-gooey goodness that is s'mores, of course! If you don't want to make the traditional sandwich-like s'mores, there
Expect tourism to reboot and thrive after the pandemic.
The global tourism industry is on pause after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world, and the industry is eagerly awaiting the day it can reopen its doors. According to Forbes, there are seven countries that could become "rising stars" as
He actually starred in a ~musical~ with Kang Ha Neul!
K-drama heartthrob Ji Chang Wook has been giving us so much kilig since the 2010s-I mean, that face is distractingly beautiful, amiright?! And it looks like he won't be stopping anytime soon 'cause he'll be
Did *you* have big travel plans this year?
When we rang in the new year, we had no idea what the future had in store for us. Big changes were welcomed and plans were made. But things took a turn because of the pandemic: Our lives were disrupted and certain
Chef Alexis deBoschnek shows us how it's done.
Air fryers are all the rage right now. Part of its appeal is how ~easy~ and ~convenient~ the appliance is to use when it comes to whipping up something in the kitchen.But Chef Alexis deBoschnek of Chef Out Of Water proves
Can't wait to get your own?
Getting inked sounds like a scary thing to do but it can also feel liberating as a form of self-expression. You just have to be really sure what kind of tattoo you want to have! It's going to stick
These are dump, chill, and eat recipes you'll want to make again and again.
No-bake desserts are the ultimate easy dessert recipes. While these don't require any baking, many require some form of heating up ingredients that you can easily do on the stove or in the microwave.The ingredients of these recipes
The second Mercury Retrograde of the year is bringing some friends.
Just when you thought the cosmos were calming down, June brings six planetary retrogrades our way... in the middle of eclipse season. Mercury (yep, Mercury Retrograde is back, bb!!!), Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all spinning backwards this month.All
Simply delish!
Here's a new quarantreat that's taking Manila by storm: Basque burnt cheesecake! The burnt top adds a rustic feel that gives off the impression that you won't get bitin with its taste! Its uncomplicated flavor and
Mind blown!
To all pancit canton enthusiasts and pasta lovers, listen up. We've been doing a crucial step incorrectly all this time. We've been draining noodles the wrong way!We were all taught to place the noodles in a plastic
Catching up on sleep isn't an excuse.
To all our fellow all-nighters, our "isang episode na lang" squad, and everyone else who's had to skip on sleep on weekdays thinking they can just catch up on it later, we come bearing bad news. Unfortunately for us,
Time to update your go-to playlists!
The K-pop industry is on a whole other level-from scouting and training potential idols in singing, dancing, and sometimes rapping to producing bops complete with coordinated concepts, stage costumes, and choreography. Yup, it's way different from the Western
Reach your ~glass skin~ dreams with this wonder ingredient.
When scrolling through the feeds of our fave influencers, we noticed there seems to be one skincare ingredient they're obsessed with at the moment. Introducing: the humble tomato. We love it in our spaghetti, soups, and salads, but why is
Spoiler: It's gross and satisfying at the same time!
I hate blackheads, but I love seeing them extracted from my face. Yes, I do love looking at the gunk dislodged from my pores whenever I get facials. I've got oily skin so regular facial treatments are a must for
Yung mawala na lahat, 'wag lang 'tong specific cookie na 'to.
Unpopular opinion: Chocolate chip cookies are good, they're hard to get wrong, but snickerdoodles deserve a special place in heaven. IT'S JUST BETTER. In case you didn't know, the star ingredients of snickerdoodles are cinnamon and
From cakes, to ice cream, to donuts, and more!
Strawberry season may be coming to a close, but desserts featuring this fruit is always a welcome treat anytime of the year. The berries' tangy, fruity profile go with just about any form of dessert, whether it's cakes, ice
Kaya mo 'yan!
Workers are buying bicycles these days since public utility vehicles are still banned from the roads due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Biking to work seems to be the best solution, but the problem is not everyone learned how to ride one
Maybe you shouldn't watch Netflix on your bed.
So, kumusta naman ang tulog niyo? Staying at home, for many of us, means shattered routines. Because we're no longer following the same sequence of activities like we used to before the pandemic, our bodies may have different reactions to
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