Start the week on a high note with this irresistibly sexy video featuring 2013's <i>CosmoMen</i> centerfolds.
We've got a special treat for you, CGs! The Bachelor Bash may be over, but the boys are here to stay. You've probably browsed through each hunk's galleries and videos a hundred times already, so we're giving you
Sam Ajdani knows just how we like it!
Cosmo Bachelor Bash highlights, galleries, and videos all in one place: Click here!***One look at Sam Ajdani and you won't be able to look away anymore.  He has "sex god" written all over him-from his perfectly-chiseled abs to
Vince Ferraren will surely sweep you off your feet again.
From cutie to hottie: Sam Concepcion is all grown up!
"Blurred Lines" and a sensual strip. Check out the highlights from Aljur's segment!
We're officially calling it Matteo Guidicelli Appreciation Day.
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