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Want to snuggle with this hottie for the holidays? Find out how you can win him over.
Ho ho ho, Cosmo gals! Only eight days left until Christmas. Have you sent in your letter to Santa yet? If you haven't, you might want to add one more wish to your list. Our balikbayan Online Hunk Walter Demesa is
Last week, we broke the ice by getting to know more about our December Online Hunk. This time, we'll let him melt our hearts.
Ready for more of Walter Demesa? We sure are! Last week we introduced you to the up-and-coming model and Cosmo bachelor whose uncanny resemblance to one Joseph Gordon-Levitt has put him on top of our Christmas wish lists. Now
Have you ever wanted to break into song after seeing your crush? Our Decemeber online hunk shows us how to do it!
Our December Online Hunk is as endearing as the crush-worthy Hollywood A-lister he resembles. Can you guess who it is?
It is officially the most wonderful time of the year! We're counting down the days to Christmas and with the festivities in full swing, we're giving you another reason to love the holidays. Ladies, get ready to be swept off
John tells it as it is in his most candid interview yet. Find out what he has to say about sex and fame.
Three things we learned about John Spainhour over the past few weeks as this month's Online Hunk: 1. He knows how to handle guns; 2. He likes his girls fun and spontaneous, but not easy; and 3. He is a smitten
Suited up or dressed down? Either way, we'll take him!
Every girl loves a man in a suit. Whether it's for a romantic night out with a very lucky lady or a naughty role-playing scene in the bedroom, that three-piece ensemble will surely amp up the sexy meter a
Find out what it takes to catch this hottie's eye as he reveals his date do's and don'ts.
Dear John, can I be the one? We wish! This week, our drool-worthy hunk talks about the qualities you might have that'll win him over. What's the sexiest part of a woman's body?"Legs and butt."Describe your
Get ready for some hot and steamy action as John Spainhour strips down--literally and figuratively--all month long.
You've seen his chiseled face and glorious body plastered on billboards and magazines. He is currently one of the country's most sought-after male models and was chosen to be one of Cosmo's 10 Centerfolds in this year's
Get a final look at our October Online Hunk Jason Sabio as we take you behind the scenes during his shoot.
On his final week as Online Hunk, Jason reveals the dirty deets about his bedroom preferences and gets real as he talks about his top priorities in life.
Four weeks have flown by and it's almost time to bid adieu to our crush-worthy Online Hunk Jason Sabio. Throughout the month, we've seen his different sides: the determined athlete-slash-aspiring lawyer, the flirty and fun date, and
Who knew this jock was such a romantic? Jason gets serious as he opens up about his leading lady Cristalle Belo-Henares and gives his two cents on the subject of love.
In our past two interviews with football star Jason Sabio we learned that not only does he have game on the soccer pitch, but he knows how to maneuver around the dating field too! This charmer knows what he wants and will
This guy doesn't need tricks or schemes to get the girl. Find out what he thinks is the best way to make a connection!
Picture this: You're out on a Friday night with your girlfriends and you spot a group of good-looking guys heading your way. Imagine your surprise when you take a closer look and realize they are none other than the country'
It's time to welcome a new hunk on board. Meet our October pick: the brainy and brawny Azkal and soon-to-be attorney Jason Sabio!
There's nothing sexier than a man who not only looks good, but has the brains to back it up. Case in point: our October Online Hunk, Jason Sabio.You might recognize him as one of the many studs in the Philippine
Our dreamy September stud lets us in on his guilty pleasures, his biggest celeb crushes, and what secretly turns him on.
With September coming to a close, our Online Hunk wraps things up with more relationship advice, quirky facts about himself, and what he <i>really</i> thinks when you call men <i>"manloloko"</i>.
If September Online Hunk Mike Tan's first three interviews haven't made , this week's Q&A probably will.The good-looking babe won us over with his down-to-earth personality, easygoing demeanor, and refreshingly romantic candor that would make
This week, our September Online Hunk gets mushy as he shares his thoughts on the subject of love and relationships.
Mike Tan has all the qualities of a perfect boyfriend: he's sweet, thoughtful, malambing, and 100% commited. He openly talked to us about his long-term relationship with his girlfriend of six years (sorry, ladies--he's already spoken for!) and
Our suave August hunk takes you through his shoot and chats about his ideal gal, his <i>ligaw</i> style, and what makes or breaks a relationship.
Less is more for our September Online Hunk. Find out what you have to do (or not do) to catch his eye.
In last week's interview, we established that Mike is a definite catch. He's funny, honest, and passionate about his work, on top of being extremely good-looking. What more can a girl ask for?Given his prime partner potential, you
In celebration of's 3rd anniv, we're taking a look back at our top stories. This week, we're counting down your favorite online hotties!
As part of our 3rd birthday celebration, we launched our Best of series last week, kicking off with a roundup of our Top 10 Cover Girls. This week, we're putting the spotlight on the Online Hunks who got you
A man with an easy sense of humor <i>and</i> is easy on the eyes? We're hooked. Ladies, meet this month's lovable Online Hunk.
As the "-ber" months roll in, we're all set to welcome the next batch of Online Hunks on board. This September, Cosmo shines the spotlight on the hottest studs in the country right now , and to give you even more sexy