Which of Angel's Cosmopolitan covers do you like best?
Angel Locsin is no stranger to Cosmopolitan Philippines. We watched this seven-time Cosmo cover girl (two of which are Anniversary issues!) evolve from cute starlet to bonafide superstar. With her Angel-ic face and endearing personality, it's hard not to
Take our poll to clue us in on how you first learned about s-e-x.
SEX. Remember the days when you used to squirm at the sound of it? Now, you find it practically everywhere: TV shows, movies, advertisements, and, well, your bedroom. But let's backtrack a little bit to the first moment you learned about
Take the risk or play it safe--you decide.
Summer flings are magical. Long walks on the beach, romantic sunsets, endless landians and kulitans-sigh. It's easy to get caught up in the moment when you meet a guy who is not only irresistibly cute but also fun and adventurous.
Justin Bieber serenaded fans and played basketball with locals during his surprise visit to Tacloban. Sincere or for show?
Justin Bieber surprised his Pinoy fans yesterday (December 12, 2013) when he showed up in Tacloban unannounced. During his one-hour visit, Justin sang Christmas songs for the evacuees, played basketball with locals, and socialized with his young fans. He was seen
Team Peeta, Team Gale, Team Finnick, or Team Gloss?
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Confession time, ladies! We wanna know if you're confident in bed. Are you the shy Anastasia Steele in the beginning of the Fifty Shades trilogy, or the post-Christian Grey vixen who knows how to take control? Let us know by
Let us know by answering our poll!
Are you willing to spend P4,000 on a fake Louis Vuitton bag from Greenhills?It has been reported that the Bureau of Customs (BOC) has destroyed an estimated P300-M worth of counterfeit branded bags and wallets yesterday. The items were
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