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There’s single and there’s 'so single, ang sakit, sakit na!'
We'd like to preface this by saying that if you're happily single, then good for you, girl. You do you. But if you've ever wondered why you're single and if you're destined
Let our quiz help you decide!
Now that you're sure that you really want to get inked, your next step would be to pick a design! Knowing this can help you estimate how much it would cost and which tattoo artist to book. And because we
Test your knowledge!
Lipstick is a powerful tool: It can instantly make you feel good and fabulous, depending on the shade you decide to wear. But aside from your favorite colors and brands, what else do you know about the product itself? Take this quiz
Do you really need to put a ring on it?
Hi, Cosmo Girls!We need you to answer this quick question for Cosmopolitan's November 2015 issue. Game?[poll:248]
Find out which classic <i>Pinoy</i> rom-com comes close to your love story!
Take this quiz to find your celebrity soul sisters.