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Are you ~meant to be~ with Bright or Win?
Ever since the beloved Thai BL drama, 2gether: The Series, blew up earlier this year, we've become huge fans of the series' stars, Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree and Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajor. The two actors have since become one of
Are you Deok Sun, Bo Ra, Jin Ju, Maggie, or Joey?
Aside from our fave eommas, we're so in love with the younger female characters of Reply 1988! From leading lady Deok Sun, her big sis Bo Ra, her neighbor Jin Ju, and her friends Maggie and Joey, Reply 1988 shows
Are you more like Nadine + Kiana, Heart + Lovi, or Sue + Maris?
If there's one thing we all have in common with our favorite celebs, it's the friendship they share with their own *special* people. Just like us, they cry on each other's shoulders, go on the most
Which throwback sneaker suits you best?
Gone are the days when slimmer soles ruled and gladly took our money; chunky and platform sneakers are now officially on our gastadora radar! They're the perfect addition to any throwback OOTD, and if you're torn between which
Don't worry, they're not THAT scary.
The best thing about Halloween, aside from getting to dress up in ridiculously fun costumes, is that you can sit in your room watching scary movies on your laptop all day (during the weekends, at least). Why not take it up a
May your day be filled with cuteness!
WE. LOVE. BABIES. That's a fact. And sure, we love our own friends. But celebrity babies make everything seem so amusing, whether they're just having lunch, learning how to swim, or playing at home. If given the chance,
The best kind of quiz is one where every answer feels like a win. ;)
There comes a time in every couple's life when you just have to make ~*important decisions*~ like choosing how to fuck tonight, LOL. Let us help you decide. Follow Ginyn on Instagram.
There’s single and there’s 'so single, ang sakit, sakit na!'
We'd like to preface this by saying that if you're happily single, then good for you, girl. You do you. But if you've ever wondered why you're single and if you're destined
Let our quiz help you decide!
Now that you're sure that you really want to get inked, your next step would be to pick a design! Knowing this can help you estimate how much it would cost and which tattoo artist to book. And because we
Test your knowledge!
Lipstick is a powerful tool: It can instantly make you feel good and fabulous, depending on the shade you decide to wear. But aside from your favorite colors and brands, what else do you know about the product itself? Take this quiz
Do you really need to put a ring on it?
Hi, Cosmo Girls!We need you to answer this quick question for Cosmopolitan's November 2015 issue. Game?
Find out which classic <i>Pinoy</i> rom-com comes close to your love story!
Take this quiz to find your celebrity soul sisters.
"Please let it be Ryan Gosling in <i>The Notebook</i>."
Take this short quiz and find out what kind of shoe matches your personality!
Take this short quiz and find out the perfect cocktail that fits your personality. Then, recreate your drink with a bonus recipe after you get your result!
The charming journalist tries his hand at modeling in this month's issue. See photos from his outdoor shoot, and read his handwritten answers to our Cosmo quiz!
We in the Cosmo team are thrilled to finally get news reporter Atom Araullo as our Man On Fire because not only have we been fans of his since his 5 And Up days, we've also wanted him on our pages