Got a rash that turns into dry, itchy skin? You might have eczema.
Eczema flare-ups can be anything from mildly irritating and unattractive to something that can affect your quality of living because it causes you to lose sleep or increases your risk for infections. A friend of mine who suffers from eczema has
It can easily be caused by a dirty environment.
I can't recall the number of times I have woken up from a good night's sleep only to find that I've got a tickle in my throat. And more often than not, it's the kind that starts off
Shaping, pun intended, our opinions one confession at a time.
Botox, plastic surgery, nose fillers, lip fillers, V-line, wrinkles, aging, nose job, non-invasive, invasive, injectables-how many of these words made you think, "I would never?" If you're an open-minded millennial, we're guessing a lot of them
You don't need to suffer in silence; seek help.
The expression "pain in the neck" is often used to describe something that is persistent and annoying, but needs to be dealt with or suffered through, no matter how uncomfortable. And everyone can relate since neck pain is a common annoyance, especially
There's more to the 'AsNTM' alum than a pretty face.
There is a plan: for Adela-Mae Marshall to lay amongst a pile of vinyl records, embroidered pillows, and soft throw blankets, barefoot, casually strumming a wooden ukelele. It's meant to evoke the calm of a Sunday afternoon, when Adela
Aside from the fact that they look ~just like us~!
I've always loved romantic comedies. I'm a big fan of the will they-won't they trope, the rich boy-poor girl storyline, and the inevitable happily ever after ending. But let's admit it: Rom-
And how can it protect you?
On May 5, 2018, Senator Risa Hontiveros held an informal forum pushing for the support of the proposed Safe Spaces Bill (S.B. No. 1326), which would penalize catcalling, wolf whistling, and homophobic or transphobic slurs hurled at women and LGBT persons
What steps can you take to deal with this privacy violation?
In May 2019, six male students from the Philippine Science High School (PSHS), more commonly called Pisay, were not allowed to attend their graduation because they allegedly leaked nude photos of their classmates online. Though they weren't allowed to march with
Let's #ResistTogether.
Just recently, Ateneo De Manila University celebrated the passing of the Ateneo-Loyola Schools Gender Policy. Back in March, the Catholic university celebrated with #OneBigPride their second ever Pride March. (The first one was held in 2014, organized by Ateneo PEERS and
ICYDK, the sun's harsh rays can lead to dry, brittle, and frizzy locks.
If you've been experiencing less-than-luscious locks and dull, brittle strands lately, sun damage could be the culprit behind this. While you may be well aware of the effects the sun has on your skin, did you know it
A celeb hairstylist gave us four ways to achieve the look!
We all agree that the ultimate cool-girl hairstyle and the perfect 'do for summer are beach waves. Naturally, we'd want to do it ourselves, right? Cosmopolitan Philippines consulted hairstylist and ~beach waves expert~ Suyen Salazar: "I love beach
Is your qi out of balance?
In general, I only get sick once a year. It usually hits just as summer begins, and it starts with a really bad case of the flu. The flu then triggers my asthma, which doesn't go away until the tail end
I hit up: Easy, Tiger, Cocina Peruvia, Motorino Pizzeria, Nikkei, and Gusto!
I can count on one hand the number of times I've been to The Podium, and to me, it's reminiscent of the Erudite's HQ in Divergent...or the homebase of literally any movie where the "elite"
Our hearts are full of love, sweat, and gratitude!
You've probably seen the pics on Instagram: A dark room, laser lights, and sweaty people on stationary bikes. It's like a Friday night party minus the alcohol, where everyone moves to the beat of the music while being
Here are some expert tips on how to fight breakouts and excess shine.
Let's talk about oily skin. It all starts out as a breeding ground for acne during your teenage years. Once you reach your 20s and the pimples clear up, it continues to be an oil production hub that no amount
I've noticed some things that have left me, a self-identifying feminist, feeling a bit of discomfort.
I never imagined myself becoming a K-drama viewer. I've always preferred Western shows that feature flawed and complex characters, and I couldn't see myself going from Breaking Bad to a cutesy K-drama. But after being assigned
Are you electing candidates who will safeguard your reproductive health?
Reproductive Health in the Philippines has treaded such a rocky road. Seen as one of the most controversial measures deliberated by legislators, the RH Bill languished for 13 years in Congress before it was passed by both the Senate and the House
This cheat sheet is the only cheating we endorse in the 2019 Midterm Elections.
First of all, did you know that Filipinas were allowed to vote only beginning in 1937? Brave Pinays have been asking for the right to vote since the 1900s, and it took three decades before that dream could finally be realized. It
Would we recreate these IRL?
These days, we're constantly on Instagram to get inspiration for almost everything, including hairstyles. This past year in hair trends, we noticed three looks that reigned supreme: sparkly hair clips and barrettes, pretty statement headbands, and sleek glass hair. We decided
'All of the things I do for them are worth it.'
K-pop fans go to great lengths (and faraway places!) to support their idols and usually end up spending a significant amount of money on fan merch, concert tickets, airfare, and more. Curious to know how much some are willing to spend
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